Workshop Sessions

All workshops will take place on Tuesday, August 5th and attendance will not exceed 50 participants for each session.  Output highlights of each workshop will be presented by the moderator at a separate plenary session on Wednesday, August 6th.  Results of the workshop will be compiled by AFCEA International and provided to AT&L for insight that may assist in acquisition modernization.

Tuesday, August 5
10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Workshop A:
How Do We Establish Technical Superiority with a Reduced Force Structure?
Moderator: Mr. Alan R. Shaffer, Principal Deputy, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (confirmed)

Co-Moderator: Mr. Gene Zapfel, Group Federal Vice President, Unisys (confirmed)
Overview:  Workshop will include a presentation on the current state of technical superiority within the U.S. and then explore areas of strengths and weaknesses within the new environment of reduced resources and a reduction in Force Structure.  Output will be the top 5 issues/recommendations by the workgroup.  



Workshop B:
Sequestration: What was the Impact and How Do We Recover the Industrial Base?
Moderator: Mr. Brett B. Lambert, Executive in Residence, Renaissance Strategic Advisors (confirmed)

Co-Moderator: Mr. Joe Sifer, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton (confirmed)
Workshop will include a presentation on Sequestration and why it occurred.   Participants will openly discuss their perceptions of the impact to the economy and value or not of the actions by the U.S. Government. What were the positive and/or negative impacts on the Industrial Base, lessons learned that should be addressed, and how do we recover the industrial base.  Output will center on the major impact on the top 5 ways to restore the industrial base.


Workshop C:
Acquisition Training: Do We Have the Right Training, Experience and Tools?

The Workshop is registered for PMI Category A PDUs.   Attendees will need use ID# GOC0814 to claim their PDUs.
Moderator: Mr. Randall Culpepper, PEO, Combat and Mission Support, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (confirmed)

Co-Moderator:  Mr. Jordon Sims, Director of Organization Relations and Programs, Project Management Institute (confirmed)

Overview:  Workshop will include a presentation on Services Acquisition and a speaker’s perspective on training, experience, and tools to facilitate success of Defense Program Executive Offices (PEOs).  The moderator will facilitate a discussion on “Services Acquisition” and develop a conversation leading to the top 5 issues, topics, or recommendations centered on training, experience, and tools to highlight strengths and weaknesses.


Tuesday, August 5
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Workshop D:
What Stands Between Small Business and Success within the Acquisition Environment?
Moderator: Mr. Randall Edney, Associate Director for Small Business Programs, Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (ASC), Department of Defense (confirmed)

Co-Moderator: Ms. Hala Strohmier, Founder and Managing Member of Strohmier Consulting, LLC. (confirmed)
Workshop will include a presentation on Small Business and challenges that Small Business has over Large Business organizations competing within the general acquisition environment as well as the cases where Small Business organizations have advantages within a competitive acquisition environment.  Workgroup will develop the top 5 challenges and/or solutions to help make Small Business successful.


Workshop E:
Innovation: Barriers and Enablers!
Moderator: Mr. Louis Tucker, President, Foundation for Innovation and Discovery (FINND) and CEO, Mission Sync, LLC (confirmed)
Matt Collier, Director, Social and Public Sector Practice, LUMA Institute (confirmed)

Workshop will include a presentation on Innovation and cite some cases studies as examples.  The session will then transition into a discussion of barriers and enablers that reduce or enhance innovation within the acquisition environment.  The moderator will fully engage with the audience to seek up to 5 barriers and 5 enablers that may be utilized the change better business practice.

Workshop F:
Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) or Best Value: Which Way are We Going?
Mr. David J. Berteau, Senior Vice President and Director of National Security Program on Industry and Resources, Center for Strategic and International Studies (confirmed)

Co-Moderator:  Mr. Rick Jones, Chief Strategist, Federal Procurement Policies, CISCO (confirmed)
Workshop will include a presentation on the differences of LPTA and Best Value and a discussion on the selection process in general for contract review and award.  There has been much discussion on the pros and cons of both options.   Output will be the top 5 pros and cons for LPTA  and Best Value.