"Within N2/N6 and the Navy Information Dominance community, we work hard every day to ensure that Naval and Joint warfighters are provided the Assured Command and Control, Battlespace Awareness, and Integrated Fires capabilities they need to fight and win in this Information Age. We cannot provide these capabilities alone.  Our Industry partners are vital in the effort, providing technical expertise, diversity of thought, and creative approaches. This annual Navy Information Dominance Industry Day serves to "reset the bar' each year. giving us an important forum to update industry on where we are now and where we are going. That, in turn, helps our industry partners focus their efforts for the next year. We are happy to have Admiral Mike Rogers joining us to provide his insights on Information Dominance and all things cyber. I urge you to take advantage of this collaboration and discussion opportunity. See you on June 11!"


Vice Admiral Ted "Twig" Branch

Deputy Chief of Naval Operation for Information Dominance

Director of Naval Intelligence





INFORMATION DOMINANCE OVERVIEW (pdf)                                                                                                   download

VADM Ted Branch, USN                       


SESSION ONE: PRESIDENT'S BUDGET FISCAL  YEAR-16 OVERVIEW (pdf)                                                   download               

Mr. Mark Andress, SES        



Mr. Matthew Swartz, SES    


SESSION THREE: NAVY'S ENTERPRISE NETWORKS (pdf)                                                                                 download

RDML Nancy Norton, USN    


SESSION FOUR: NAVY UNMANNED SYSTEMS AND TCPED CHALLENGES (pdf)                                         download

RADM Jonathan White, USN, Ms. Lynn Wright, DISES & CAPT Robert "Clete" Boyer, USN             


SESSION FIVE: ELECTROMAGNETIC MANEUVER WARFARE (pdf)                                                                  download

Ms. Margie Palmieri, DISES              


SESSION SIX: INFORMATION DOMINANCE PANEL (pdf)                                                                                  download

Mr. Mark Andress, SES, RADM Matt Kohler, USN, RADM David Lewis, USN, RADM Mat Winter, USN & RDML Daniel MacDonnell, USN                                       




Welcome to Navy Information Dominance Industry Day 2015!


On June 11, 2015, AFCEA Intelligence and the Naval Intelligence Professionals, in collaboration with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance, will present a classified forum examining the state of Information Dominance in the U.S. Navy. 


If you have attended any of the previous sold-out Navy Information Dominance Industry Days, you know these events provide invaluable business intelligence in the context of the Navy’s Strategy for Achieving Information Dominance.


This year’s program sessions will include:  

  • A review of the President’s FY16 budget, identifying areas of growth and risk.
  • The challenges and opportunities for industry to assist the Navy in maintaining resilient and secure communications, networks, focusing in on the effort of Task Force Cyber Awakening and the emerging CyberSafe initiative.
  • Where the Navy is headed in terms of integrating and modernizing its networks and the acquisition approach it will take to get there.
  • The Navy’s requirements to assure a tactical advantage over its adversaries in battlespace awareness, its efforts to expand its Maritime ISR capabilities, and the challenges that expansion effort creates in the realm of TCPED.
  • How the Navy must develop and employ innovative operating concepts, new systems, and a fresh approach to thinking about modern warfare, to prevail in the EM-cyber environment.
  • A closing panel comprised of leadership from throughout Navy Information Dominance.


Attendees will leave with not only a greater understanding of the Information Dominance, but with a sense of what technologies, capabilities, and services are most needed for the Navy to achieve its goals within the Information Domain.


We look forward to seeing you at Navy Information Dominance Industry Day on June 11, 2015!


VADM Ted Branch, USN

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance

Director of Naval Intelligence

LtGen Robert Shea, USMC (Ret.)

President and CEO

AFCA International


VADM Jake Jacoby, USN (Ret.)

Executive Vice President, Intelligence, Geospatial and Cyber, Strategy and Plans

CACI International, Inc.

Former Chairman of the Board, Naval Intelligence Professionals

Chairman, AFCEA Intelligence Committee


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