LTG Ronald Burgess, Jr., USA


Defense Intelligence Agency

BG Robert Carr, USA

Director, Defense Counterintelligence/HUMINT Center

Defense Intelligence Agency

General James Cartwright, USMC

Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Mr. Robert Cardillo

Deputy DNI for Intelligence Integration

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

MG Michael Flynn, USA

Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff G-2





Maj Gen John Casciano, USAF (Ret.)

President and CEO

GrayStar Associates, LLC

Mr. Tom Conroy

Vice President, Intelligence Programs

Northrop Grumman Corporation

CAPT Mark Greer, USN (Ret.)

Principal, Information Systems and Solutions

Centauri Solutions, LLC

Dr. Murray Felsher


Associated Technical Consultants

Brig Gen Neal Robinson, USAF (Ret.)

Director, Business Development

National Security Group

Oracle Corporation

Mr. Lewis Shepherd

Director and General Manager

Microsoft Institute

Microsoft Corporation

Ms. Gwyn Whittaker

Chief Executive Officer

Mosaic, Inc.

Lt Gen Bruce Wright, USAF (Ret.)

Vice President, C4ISR

Lockheed Martin Corporation



Dr. Peter Bythrow

Chief Scientist

National MASINT Office

RADM Cynthia Coogan, USCG (invited)

Assistant Commandant for Intelligence and Criminal Investigations

United States Coast Guard

Defense Attaché Representative

Dr. David Ellison


National Defense Intelligence College

Ms. Kelly Faddis

Program Manager, Identity Intelligence R&D

Office of the Chief Scientist

Central Intelligence Agency

Brig Gen D. Scott George, USAF

Director for Intelligence (J-2)


Mr. Malcolm Harkins

Chief Information Security Officer and GM Information Risk and Security

Intel Corporation

Brig Gen VeraLinn "Dash" Jamieson, USAF

Director of Intelligence

Headquarters U.S. Southern Command

Mr. Jeff Jonas

Chief Scientist and Distinguished Engineer

IBM Entity Analytics Group


Mr. Peter Lee

Distinguished Scientist & Managing Director

Microsoft Research

Col James Molloy, USAF

Office of  Attaché Operations (East Europe/Eurasia Division)

Defense Intelligence Agency

CAPT Chris Page, USN

Commanding Officer

Office of the Director of Naval Intelligence

Mr. Jeff Rapp

Director for Analysis

Defense Intelligence Agency


RADM Michael Rogers

Director for Intelligence

The Joint Staff (J2)

Mr. Grant Schneider

Deputy Director for Information Management and CIO

Defense Intelligence Agency

Ms. Kristi Waschull

Director for Human Capital

Defense Intelligence Agency

Mr. J.D. Williams

Research Director and Deputy Director for Analysis

Defense Intelligence Agency

Mr. Art Zuehlke

Deputy Director for MASINT and Technical Collection

Defense Intelligence Agency