This event occurred on April 20-21, 2011.

Intelligence Professionals:

2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  Since its establishment in 1961, the agency has evolved into an integral component of the nation’s Intelligence Community, the center point of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise, and a forward deployed element of contingency operations.  Over its history, the DIA consistently and effectively has anticipated and responded to operational challenges and mission needs. 

The 30th annual AFCEA Spring Symposium will explore the DIA’s past as a prologue to the future of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise and new agency-industry partnerships.  Speakers will focus on emerging requirements in a broad range of subjects including warfighter support for contingency operations, the development of human intelligence and counter intelligence as an integrated capability, the evolving role of technical collection in the areas of MASINT and identity intelligence, preventing surprise through analysis and alternative assessments, the role of the DIA and Defense Intelligence in the integrated and innovative national intelligence future, and the requirements for information technologies and network operations in a world of ever-increasing cyber threats.  Each topic will be set in an historical context and identify where government-industry partnerships offer opportunities for solving hard problems.

In addition, an expanded exhibit area will showcase technologies impacting the Defense Intelligence Enterprise.

The goal of this event is threefold:  To celebrate the DIA’s 50th anniversary, to provide a content-rich program that emphasizes opportunities, and to enable an exceptional networking opportunity.

We hope you will join us in the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center (DIAC), Joint Base Anacostia – Bolling AFB, Washington, DC, on April 20-21, 2011, for this important dialogue.


VADM Lowell Jacoby, USN (Ret.)

Executive Vice President National Solutions Group

CACI International, Inc.

Mr. Grant Schneider

Deputy Director for Information Management and CIO

Defense Intelligence Agency