Track One - Prevent



Session I, 0900 - 1130, 14 August

Room 343/344

Title: Training, Leader Development & Education



Moderator: Mr. Robert Roemer, Concepts and Doctrine Developer, Proponency, Army Cyber Command/2d Army

Panel: CW5 Deshawn L. Bell, Signal CoE, 442d Signal Battalion; Mr. Bill Waddell, U.S. Army War College - Cyberspace Operations Group & Director, Command, Control and Cyberspace Group Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College; SSG Matthew Folsom, Military Intelligence Center of Excellence

Description: Discussion topics include current institutional training activities, cyberspace education, and digital awareness training opportunities in support of self-development.


Session II, 1400 - 1515, 15 August

Room 339-342

Title: Tactical and Operational Cyberspace Modernization: the Cyber/Electromagnetic (C/EM) Element



Speaker: Mr. Patrick Manners, Chief of Capabilities Development, Proponency, Army Cyber Command/2d Army

Panel: BG George J. Franz, III, USA, Director, Current Operations, J-33, U.S. Cyber Command, Mr. Jeffrey Witsken, Chief of Network Integration, Mission Command Center of Excellence, Mr. Malcolm Martin, CAC Support Element, Army Cyber Command/2d Army


  • Structures for C/EM Element at BCT level
  • Skill-set gaps of C/EM Element personnel
  • Commander’s integration of C/EM element activities into overall operations
  • Operational requirements that facilitate C/EM element activities through all echelons
  • Integration and synchronization of C/EM capabilities and activities to achieve desired conditions in cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Define the Cyberspace environment of Army 2020 and gain an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, functions, capabilities and relationships from the tactical to strategic level.


Session III, 0930 - 1045, 16 August

Room 337/338

Title: Incorporating Cyberspace Operations in Training/Exercises


SpeakerMr. Mark Horoho, Chief of Training, Readiness & Exercises, G-5/7, Army Cyber Command/2d Army

Description: Discussion topics for this session include incorporating cyber training objectives and tasks in support of the Army’s effort to revitalize home station training, cyberspace as part of the operational environment, training support systems to enable training and exercises in cyberspace, lessons learned from recent participation in the Combat Training Center program to include a warfighter exercise as well as cyberspace education and digital awareness training opportunities.