Track Three - Win


Session I, 0900 - 1130, 14 August

Room 339-342

Title: Effective Synchronization and Integration of Effects through Cyberspace for the Joint Warfighter


Moderator: BG George Franz, USA, Deputy Director of Current Operations, J33, U.S. Cyber Command

Panel: Brig Gen Burke E. "Ed" Wilson, USAF, Director, Air Component Coordination Element, 24th Air Force/Air Forces Cyber; Col Thomas Grattan, USMC, USCYBERCOM Chief Offensive Cyber Operations; CAPT Jim Speicher, USN, CENTCOM J6/Joint Cyber Center; Mr. Willie Williams, Deputy Director of Current Operations, USCYBERCOM

Description: Address integration and synchronization of global and regional cyberspace operations; need for centralized control for prioritization and deconfliction of operations, and decentralized execution to support rapid pace and tempo. How USCYBERCOM operates as a supporting command and a supported command.


Session II, 1400 - 1515, 15 August

Room 343/344

Title: Defensive Maneuver in Cyberspace



Speaker: LTC Karl Gossett, USA, Defensive Cyberspace Operations, G34 Branch, Army Cyber Command/2d Army


  • Applying traditional mission analysis to cyberspace – intel and terrain analysis
  • The future of securing and defending friendly cyberspace key terrain - development/employment of cyber specialty operations forces
  • Synchronizing defensive cyberspace operations with land operations


Session III, 0930 - 1045, 16 August

Room 339-342

Title: Common Operational Picture at the Operational and Tactical Levels


SpeakerLTC Paul Stanton, USA, Technical Advisor, G30, Army Cyber Command/2d Army

Description: Discuss how a Common Operational Picture (COP) enables Mission Command in unified Land/Cyber Operations. Cover the importance of data and system commonality from the national to the tactical level and then explain challenges associated with tactical deployment.