Engagement Theater 2

All sessions in Room 18/19, Lower Level

Session I, 1030 - 1120, 11 July

Title: Framework for Governing the USCENTCOM C5 Enterprise

Speakers: CMDR Stephen Dryden, RAN, Chief, CCJ6-PI, CIO Support Branch; Mr. Austin Pearson, CCJ6-PI

Description: Successful transformation of the C5 Enterprise requires a strong governance framework to inform decision-making and ensure ability to effectively and efficiently leverage C5 for strategic and operational outcomes. This session will present USCENTCOM’s framework for governing the Command C5 Enterprise, a holistic framework to address supporting and supported doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy (DOTMLPF-P). Combatant command ability to maximize C5 value to mission requirements (leader-centric effectiveness), while addressing budgetary constraints demands discipline in all aspects of governing, providing, operating and defending the Command C5 Enterprise. USCENTCOM will explain how the framework fuses the full spectrum of CIO and Cyber functions in support of the Command’s C5 Enterprise, framework guiding principles and definitions of success, and the importance of an effective program of measures and maturity.

Key Outcomes: Understanding of  USCENTCOM C5 Enterprise Governance Strategy, overarching concept and embedded processes.


Session II, 1300 - 1350, 11 July

Title: IT Capability Portfolio Management

Speakers: CMDR Stephen Dryden, RAN, Chief, CCJ6-PI, CIO Support Branch; Mr. Anthony Leghart , CCJ6-PI

Description: Holistic portfolio management disciplines applied across C5 Enterprise services, projects, and IT fulfills the obligation of smart stewardship demanded by the current and emerging fiscal climate. This session will present USCENTCOM’s application of portfolio constructs to management of Command C5 Enterprise technical/business services, technical/business projects, and IT portfolios. Through holistic portfolio management, the combatant command delivers: (1) priority services within capabilities and capacities; (2) priority projects to deliver priority services and the right mix of IT; (3) the right mix of IT (systems, hardware, software, infrastructure) to meet the full range of service/mission needs (effectiveness) within agreed constraints (efficiency/compliance). USCENTCOM will explain progress towards instituting portfolio management disciplines and practices across the C5 Enterprise.

Key Outcomes: Attendees will become knowledgeable on CENTCOM approach to IT Capability Management.


Session III, 1100 - 1150, 12 July

Title: Introduction of IT to USCENTCOM's HQ and Area of Responsibility (AOR) - Evolution of the 25-28 Process

Speakers: CMDR Stephen Dryden, RAN, Chief, CCJ6-PI, CIO Support Branch; Mr. Brad Hanna, CCJ6-PI

Description: USCENTCOM Command Regulation (CCR) 25-20 formalizes policies, procedures and responsibilities for the introduction of and accountability for IT (systems, hardware, software, and infrastructure) within the Command’s HQ and AOR. This session will highlight policies, procedures and responsibilities articulated in CCR 25-28 and the important role 25-28 processes play in IT effectiveness, efficiency and compliance, as well as operational stability of joint/coalition information exchange environments. USCENTCOM will explain the background, imperatives, and objectives that led to recent revisions to CCR 25-28, and how these changes impact the Command, component/subordinate commands, and other units, organizations and agencies operating within or deploying to the USCENTCOM HQ and AOR.

Key Outcomes: PMs/Attendees will become knowledgeable on Introduction of IT to USCENTCOM’s HQ and Area of Responsibility (AOR). In addition attendees will be provided Points of Contact who can assist them in determining their systems specific interoperability requirements, required documentation, and assistance in successfully introducing IT into USCENTCOMs HQ or AOR in a timely and efficient manner.

Session IV, 1200 - 1250, 12 July

Title: Followup/Q&A for Sessions 1-3

Speakers: CMDR Stephen Dryden, RAN, Chief, CCJ6-PI, CIO Support Branch; Mr. Brad Hanna, CCJ6-PI; Mr. Anthony Leghart, CCJ6-PI; Mr. Austin Pearson, CCJ6-PI

Description: Q&A Session – USCENTCOM CCJ6 representatives are available to expand on the concepts discussed during the previous sessions; Framework for Governing the CENTCOM C5 Enterprise, IT Capability Portfolio Management and the Introduction of IT to USCENTCOM’s HQ and AOR.