Engagement Theater


All sessions in the Grand Lobby


Session I, 1000 - 1050, 28 Mar

Title: Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School (MCCES)

Speaker: Col Greg Breazile, USMC, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Communications Electronics School

Description: MCCES trains Marines in ground electronics maintenance, tactical communications, and air control/anti-air warfare operations and maintenance in order to ensure commanders at all levels within the Marine Corps have the ability to exercise command and control throughout the operational environment; and participates in technical and logistical evaluations for new communication, electronic maintenance, air control, and anti-air warfare systems in support of fielding and training.



Session II, 1100 - 1150, 28 Mar

Title: Army Baseline Information Technology Services (ABITS) Update
(** CEU Eligible)

Speaker: Dave Conlan, ABITS Integration Cell Lead, G35 NETCOM

Description: Army Baseline Information Technology Services (ABITS) represents a new IT service management strategy to balance mission command requirements, ensures the flexibility to account for emerging requirements, and provide key performance measurements for service delivery success. Discussions will include the evolution of IT services being delivered and an insight into the future pilots at Fort Bliss, TX and Fort Drum, NY.  



Session III, 1400 - 1450, 28 Mar

Title: Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) Update (** CEU Eligible)

Speaker: COL Frank Huber, USA, Chief, Network Integration Division, Brigade Modernization Command

Description: The Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) tests and evaluates emerging technology that will deliver information dominance and ensure mission command success at the tactical edge of the battlefield. Based at Fort Bliss, TX, the NIE takes technological advances from industry out of the labs and puts it in the hands of the Soldier to accelerate network modernization.


Small Business Session, 1500 - 1550, 28 Mar

Title: Success in Government Contracting: Top Ten Tips for Small Business

Speakers: Mr. Roger W. Vaughn, President, D-Unity Consulting; Mrs. Stacy K. Vaughn, Vice President, D-Unity Consulting

Description: This briefing will provide insight on how small businesses can more effectively maneuver through the maze of government contracting for Federal, State and local.  Also, this session will include an overview of the federal contracting environment and describe ways a small business can increase visibility in the government market. A snapshot of the basics required to bid on all federal grants and contracts, including certifications and registrations, will be followed by a discussion of the qualifications that government and large primes look for in small businesses.



Session IV, 1600 - 1650, 28 Mar

Title: Army Data Center Consolidation Overview

Speaker: COL Chris E. Miller, USA, Division Chief, Army Data Center Consolidation (ADCC)

Description: The presentation will cover the Army Data Center Consolidation Plan (ADCCP), the Army's response to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI). The Army intends to consolidate data centers to reduce the overall energy and real estate footprints, improve the efficiency of operations and services, improve computer and information asset security and achieve centralized service hosting through standardized computing environments. The ADCCP establishes standards and assigns responsibility for rationalizing and migrating applications and software and consolidating data centers. The Army's initial goal is to close 185 of its data centers by the end of FY2015, with further reductions to be considered thereafter.



Session V, 0900 - 0950, 29 Mar

Title: I MEF Operational Overview

Speaker: Col Paul Miller, USMC, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-6, I Marine Expeditionary Force

Description: This session will include an overview of the I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) mission and describe how a MEF deploys as part of an overall Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) in support of Combatant Commander (COCOM) requirements for contingency response or Major Theater War.  The briefing will also include a discussion of the normal augmentation support a deployed MEF and highlight that a MEF can also serve as the core element of a Joint Task Force (JTF).  In addition to the I MEF overview, the presenter will also review current I MEF Operations.



Session VI, 1100 - 1150, 29 Mar

Title: ISEC Today (** CEU Eligible)

Speaker: COL Kris Kramarich, USA, Commander, U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command

Description: The U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC) provides systems engineering, installation, integration implementation and evaluation support for communications and information technology systems worldwide providing capabilities to Army, DoD, and other Federal agencies.  ISEC is a subordinate element of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM).  



Session VII, 1200 - 1250, 29 Mar

Title: HBSS Tactical Environment Perceptions  (** CEU Eligible)

Speaker: Scott Montgomery, Vice President Public Sector Solutions, McAfee, Inc., and Sean McAnnany, DoD Solutions Engineer, McAfee, Inc.


HBSS Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) is “too chatty” for use on tactical networks McAfee has heard this expressed by seniors in Army, Navy, USMC, and SOCOM.  All have expressed support for an Application White Listing solution that secures systems without bandwidth impact 

Attendees will hear about McAfee Application Control - A Different Approach for Securing Tactical Systems Ensures only trusted applications run on servers and endpoints

  • Dynamic whitelisting trust model avoids labor intensive listsEfficient, enterprise-class approach to updatesePO/HBSS integration enables further efficiency  gainsProactive defense against zero-day threatsMinimal CPU impact
  • Small footprint

 Optimization of the Tactical Environment with Application Control

  1. Improved ProtectionProtection without patchingExtending Life of Legacy SystemsImproved System Performance
  2. Flexible Deployment Options


** Earn CEUs and Maintain Your DoD 8570.01-M Credentials While Advancing Your Cyber Security Career

Several TechNet Land Forces Southwest sessions will help attendees sustain DoD 8570.01-M mandated certifications. Over the past several years, federal agencies have collectively agreed that the ever-changing threats associated with cyber security create the need for a continuous learning process to reduce risk to our national security. In response, industry certification bodies adopted a continuous education model to address these issues. AFCEA has partnered with Cypherpath, a cyber security training and education company, to launch a new Continuing Education Unit (CEU) program to train, manage and report relevant critical knowledge and skills-related activities required to meet DoD 8570.01-M requirements. Individuals must enroll in the CE Program, attend qualified sessions, obtain and submit validated documentation in order to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). TechNet Land Forces Southwest attendees may receive CEUs for sessions designated (by a **) to support CE requirements for sustaining DoD 8570.01-M certifications. Please stop by the AFCEA booth (#217) to obtain a flyer with answers to frequently asked questions about CEUs.