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Lieutenant Colonel Steven Blair, USAF, Chief, Intelligence Office, 552 Operations Support Squadron / Intelligence Flight

During the 2008 calendar year, Major Steven  Blair proficiently led the 552nd Air Control Wing's (ACW) combat intelligence focus though unprecedented challenges to the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) community.  He served as the 72nd Air Base Wing's top liaison on international mission partner security gaining mission data releasability for the air forces of Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain.  With administrative proficiency, he gained higher headquarters approval securing full Co-Manner integration to control F-22, greatly expanding our allied force compatibility.  

His outstanding support to multi-national mission partners achieved successes with the Indian Air Force mission immersion exchange, six high-profile foreign dignitary visits,  approval for Canadian forces to support operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and the first-ever ISR exchange between the ACW and the United Arab Emirates.  Through keen analytical insight, he directed a 24-hour watch and anticipated key adversarial force deployments which expedited ACW's response and enabled timely ISR coverage.  He closely advised the wing commander on enemy movements, briefed highly perishable classified threat studies and allowed the wing senior staff to react swiftly to deployment orders.   In addition, he led the development of a Passive Detection System threat emitter database that catalogued signals from 10 countries providing the first line of defense for the E-3. 

With seasoned leadership, he certified 15 junior airmen on 90 wartime intelligence tasks and successfully overcame a 40% turnover in analytical expertise.  He honed the wing's ability to field fully qualified intelligence specialists providing mission planners critical situational awareness to rapidly emerging global threats to the AWACS mission, its forward operating locations and mission support infrastructure.   

As the ACW's senior intelligence officer, major Blair engineered 110 exercise scenario injects and scripted action-intensive message traffic to stress-test the wing's deployment agility.  In response to MAJCOM directives, he led a massive digital file conversion campaign for the wing's Isolated Personnel Reports condensing over 800 hardcopy files to a secure and highly mobile softcopy format.  As a member and advocate to Tinker's Threat Working Group, he served as a key liaison with base security specialists synchronizing base-wide efforts to fortify force protection measures against local threats.  Major Blair wisely governed scarce funds and manning resources by conducting a cradle-to-grave $10K security vault upgrade.  His leadership offset excessive remodeling costs and improved existing facilities to safeguard mission-critical classified data and equipment.  His efforts resulted in sterling vault evaluations from the Defense Intelligence Agency, an outstanding rating on the wing Communications Security annual inspection and cited by ACC as "best seen" during an annual staff assistance visit. 

In under 10 months, he rebuilt the signal analysis infrastructure for the Operations Group  after a 3 year hiatus.  He led local technical solutions to restore and enable live signal feeds which provided direct threat ID to four flying squadrons.  In addition, he successfully staffed a two year sustainment and hardware upgrade plan which established a world-class Electronic Intelligence threat signal analysis suite.  Major Blair has achieved a perfect balance with mission-focus and taking care of his fighting force.

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