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Joe Mazzafro Dan Callahan
Venona Consulting, LLC
8300 Boone Blvd, Suite 500
Vienna, VA 22181

With so many news outlets covering the federal market, do we really need one more voice in the wilderness, crying for your attention? The answer depends where you are in your journey and which part of the team you form. The intended audience of this blog is the small business owner, sales professional or interested participant who wants to improve his/her overall contribution to bringing in revenue from the Military and IC markets. Our guess is that most small businesses are wide open to this. Why? Because, where ever you are today, in your corporate business plan, the chances are very high that you want to grow-or at least maintain your current revenue stream.

Who doesn't want to grow revenues? Whether or not you or your company is an AFCEA member, you are probably in earnest in your attempt to capture any revenue contracts that fit into your business model. The purpose of this blog is to help you get there. It will offer advice, opinion, instruction, tips, hints, suggestions and many related tidbits that specifically help companies understand, navigate, penetrate and ultimately grow a company--within the U.S. Military and Intelligence Community markets.

This takes hard work, ingenuity and patience. This blog is written for the open-minded professional who believes they could learn a new trick or two. It offers strategic as well as tactical advice, that is appropriate for the sales manager (or executive) as well as the titled sales or BD contributor (i.e., the one with the sales quota).

Dan Callahan is a federal sales professional who has been 'carrying a bag' (sales lingo for trying to meet sales quota with a given product or service) in the federal market for more than twenty years. Quick Bio for Dan:

  • Actively engaged in sales and business development consulting, serving multiple technology clients;
  • Directly focused on the Military, the IC and the broader federal markets;
  • Over twenty years of sales and business development experience, in areas that include
    • Complex telecommunications products, network services and integrated offerings;
    • Enterprise and network management technology;
    • Net-native computer aided design software and collaborative engineering tools;
    • High performance computing;
    • IT Personnel recruiting;
    • Information assurance technology
  • Author of Cracking the Code: The Professional Sales Person's Guide to Penetrating the Intelligence Community, 2007, AuthorHouse Publishing. Available via
The overall purpose of the blog is to help you become sharper in your skills, awareness and execution in the discipline of sales, business development and marketing, and as you shall see, to spark a new idea--or an old one, for a new challenge. So, enjoy the blog, grow from it and contribute to it. And, most of all have hope; there truly is enough federal pie for you and your company to get a larger piece!

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