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The MAZZ-INT Blog by Joe Mazzafro

Joe Mazzafro 03/11/2014 - The Future is Now?
There is no doubt that the situation in the Ukraine where Russian political and economic interests are pitted against those of Western Europe, and by extension to the U.S., is the most serious confrontation with Russia since the war in Kosovo. I am amused, however, by the dust-up during the first week in March about […]

02/03/2014 - 2014 is Shaping Up as Year To Remember for the Intelligence Community
Happy New Year!  In the aftermath of Sequestration, Snowden, Benghazi, and the Government Shutdown, 2013 is a year that I suspect the Intelligence Community (IC) is collectively happy to have in the rear view mirror.  2014 will surely be better – - – won’t it?   I would like to think so, but given that events […]

12/16/2013 - ICITE Observations
It seems I have taken October and November off for no apparent reasons other than my day job along with some pro bono work for the ODNI has taken up more time than I thought they would.  When I wrote my last edition of the MazzInt Blog defunding the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka ObamaCare) […]

09/30/2013 - From the “Guns of August” to the “Serenity of September?”
Wow!  What an amazing 30 days going from the “Guns of August” to the “Serenity of September!”  Instead of discussing whether U.S. cruise missile attacks as punishment for Syria’s use of chemical weapons against rebels on 21 August would deter their future use or lead to a wider regional conflict, I am wondering why Assad […]

09/04/2013 - Can We Figure Out How to Value the IC’s Worth?
I really was looking forward to a Snowden-free discussion this month but then the Washington Post on the last Wednesday in August published its “Black Intelligence Budget” story so we are going to divert there briefly before turning to Assad’s use of chemical weapons against civilians in rebel held regions of Syria. I suspect to […]

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