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To nurture discussion for and among intelligence professionals, AFCEA Intelligence sponsors the popular MAZZ-INT Blog written by sage and career intelligence professional Joe Mazzafro. Mr. Mazzafro provides opinion pieces that cover the spectrum of issues related to the Intelligence Community.

To read the MAZZ-INT Blog by Joe Mazzafro Click Here

Intelligence Academic Directory

The Intelligence Academic Directory provides a list of universities with intelligence-related courses and degrees.  While the directory currently focuses on offerings in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, it will be expanded over time to provide undergraduate and graduate students with an academic resource not available elsewhere.

Intelligence Corporate Directory

The AFCEA Online Directories are comprehensive profiles of leading Intelligence Companies worldwide. Listings include contact, business focus, products and/or client information. Companies found in the Intelligence directory offer products or services useful to government and intelligence community and professionals.

White Papers & Special Reports
As part of its ongoing outreach to the Intelligence Community, the AFCEA Intelligence Committee has prepared a series of white papers intended to strengthen the contribution intelligence makes to our nation's security and to address the growing need for intelligence to function within the evolving operational concepts of defense, homeland security and the other components of national security.

We encourage you to provide feedback regarding our published white papers. At the end of each paper, you will find an online survey.


Cyber Assured Identity
Special Supplement DIA 50th Anniversary
Space ISR in a Contested Environment
Intelligence Community Acquisition & Development (Joint AFCEA Intelligence/INSA paper)


The Intelligence Community: New Challenges, Sources, and Methods

Congress and the Intelligence Community: Rebuilding Trust

Intelligence Support to Critical Infrastructure Protection

Enabling a Responsive and Agile Intelligence Enterprise

Information Sharing and Collaboration: Planning, Budgeting, and Execution
The Need to Share: The U.S. Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement
The Last Tactical Mile...and the First
Lessons Learned: Building a New National Intelligence Partnership
Intelligence: The Way Forward
Making Analysis Relevant: It's More than Connecting the Dots
Intelligence and the New National Security Environment
National Security and Horizontal Integration

Cyber Committee:


The Economics of Cybersecurity: A Practical Framework for Cybersecurity Investment

The Economics of Cybersecurity Part II: Extending the Cybersecurity Framework

The Future of Internet Governance: Can the Current Model Support the New Economics of the Internet?


Critial Infrastructure: Electric Power

Insider Threat: Protecting U.S. Business Secrets and Sensitive Information

Secure Mobility


Cyber Assured Identity

Looking for the Right Answers in the Clouds

Security and Cloud Computing White Paper
Security Risks of Not Migrating to IPv6
Supply Chain Risk Management

National Intelligence Writing Contest

AFCEA Intelligence and the Naval Intelligence Professionals (NIP) co-sponsor the National Intelligence Writing Contest.  This annual contest focuses on topics of specific interest to the intelligence and national security arena and offers a first place prize of $3,000, a second place prize of $1,500, a third place prize of $750, and the possibility of publication in AFCEA's SIGNAL Magazine and/or the NIP Quarterly.

The 2014 National Intelligence Writing Contest is now closed.  Please see below for details.

2014 Writing Contest

Click here for topic, rules, and submission instructions.

2013 Writing Contest Winning Essays

Avoiding the Travelling Violation: Lessons for the ‘Pivot to the Pacific

Captain D. Mark Houff, USN

The Open Source Analyst as Hero in the Era of the Pivot

Mr. Ryan D. Martinson

Remotely Piloted Aircraft and the Pivot Towards Asia: The Future of Unmanned Aerial Intelligence Collection

Ms. Jacquelyn Schneider

2012 Writing Contest Winning Essays

Victory from Legacy: Lessons for Intelligence Community Prioritization, Integration, and Efficiencies

Essay Photos

Captain D. Mark Houff, USN


Why Can't Intelligence Products Get Rated Like Books on Amazon?

Mr. Thanh "Tino" Dinh


Work Smarter not Harder: Maximizing Intelligence in Austere Economic Conditions

Ms. Jacquelyn Schneider


2011 Writing Contest Winning Essays

Protecting Critical Technologies: Intelligence Support for Technology Security

Stephen J Coonen

ISR in the Littoral Fight

Daniel T. Murphy

Using Saliency Detection and Anticipation to Predict Surprise Events

Michael R. Moore


Enabling the Sensor

Gregory Motes


In partnership with SIGNAL Magazine, the award winning monthly journal of AFCEA International, AFCEA Intelligence provides a compendium of intelligence-related articles and features.

Recent Articles-

Is Big Data the Way Ahead for Intelligence?

In addition to its annual classified symposia and in conjunction with the AFCEA Education Foundation, AFCEA Intelligence offers a number of intelligence and intelligence-related courses.

One in particular is very popular and provides an introduction to intelligence and the Intelligence Community. This course is lead by
Dr. Mark Lowenthal, known to many in the Intelligence Community and a past chairman of the AFCEA Intelligence Committee.


With generous financial support from the AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter, Battelle; and Digital Realty; AFCEA Intelligence and the AFCEA Educational Foundation annually award up to ten scholarships aimed at undergraduate and graduate students pursuing academic degrees in global security, intelligence studies, and/or foreign languages. The undergraduate scholarships are worth $2,250 each and the graduate scholarships are worth $5,000 each.

These intelligence scholarships complement the AFCEA Educational Foundation’s existing academic outreach in the hard sciences.  In conjunction with AFCEA chapters worldwide, the AFCEA Educational Foundation annually distributes close to $2 million dollars in grants and scholarships! 

Learn more about applying for the AFCEA Intelligence scholarships

Read About the Latest Winner

Scholarship Testimonials

Current Winners

Read the bios of the 2011 schoalrship winners:

Undergraduate Recipients

Graduate Recipients

Previous Winners

Read the bios of the scholarship winners:

Undergraduate Recipients

Graduate Recipients

NightWatch is an executive level intelligence recap drawn from domestic and international reporting provided free five nights a week via an informative email.

Mr. John McCreary is the NightWatch editor.  John spent 38 years serving the Department of Defense Intelligence as a strategic analyst, most of that time in the Directorate of Intelligence (J2) office of the Joint Staff serving the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and the Secretary of Defense. 

About NightWatch

Sign Up for NightWatch Now!

To read the latest edition of NightWatch please click Here

AFCEA Intelligence's Newsletter

Quarterly, AFCEA Intelligence publishes Intelligence Watch.  This electronic newsletter is an excellent source of information about upcoming events and activities of interest to intelligence professionals in both the public and private sectors.

Read the latest newsletter


You can follow AFCEA Intelligence on Twitter and get advance notices of upcoming events, deadlines, and other special announcements.  The sign-up is easy.

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AFCEA Intelligence maintains a compendium of intelligence-related links.


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