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Ms. Barbara Sullivan

eContent Engineer Manager

DIA/Directorate for Information Management and CIO 

Led by Ms. Sullivan, the DODIIS eContent system satisfies mission-critical requirements to capture, store, distribute, and control access to finished and evaluated intelligence products from organizations throughout the National and Defense Intelligence Communities (IC). 

Ms. Sullivan is known in the national intelligence community for her expertise to protect, move, and share data.  She leads the Production Birds of a Feather, a grass-roots effort to help the intelligence community attain data tagging, data sharing, and interoperability goals.  Many of the barriers preventing information sharing identified by this group were rolled into the 9/11 Presidential Report. She was handpicked by the DIA to be the U.S. Representative to the Stoneghost Information Management Working Group.  In this role she guided the transformation of Stoneghost into an operational system  resulting in a significant increase in information sharing with our allies. Her efforts set the stage for Stoneghost to become the premiere intelligence system directly supporting coalition operations.   

Ms. Sullivan championed the formation of the JICPAC Information Management Committee, a forum for coordinating and prioritizing cross-OIC functional intelligence information management and application requirements, and garnered support for analyst participation from each OIC to shape the Content Management system functionality needed to meet their requirements.  She led her division in fielding digital production applications to meet national directives to share information with U.S. allies, and changes to meet a directive for sourcing requirements for all JICPAC FINTEL. Her contributions to digital production and web publishing were key to JICPAC receiving the Intelink Lifetime Achievement Award for innovation.


In sum, Ms. Sullivan has a long history of leading data and information sharing for the intelligence community.  At this writing, the number of content managers/analysts posting products to the DODIIS eContent system exceeds 1000.  The DODIIS eContent system is the repository of choice for the DIAs Web Services (DAN2), Counter Intelligence (CI), and Acquisition Executive (AE); and the Armys NGIC.  Going forward, she is working with additional production organizations to capture their unique requirements and assist them with interfacing and using DODIIS eContents web services.  

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