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Cyberwar 2.0: Myths, Mysteries and Reality
Contributing Editors: Alan D. Campen and Douglas H. Dearth
The Information Age confronts us with a perplexing definition of the terms war and warfare. Those who fight, what they fight about, the weapons they wield, the targets they choose, the rules of engagement, the laws, ethics and mores that govern human behavior in this new form of conflict, all have changed in ways that defy understanding: that raise questions which the technology that created them cannot answer. This is a book about war--but war in a form detached from geography, and resolved not in epic struggles between the uniformed armies of sovereign states savaging one another over bloody battlefields, but in a sphere governed by the private sector and in a contest for the minds and wills of people, and-- It is a book about warfare--but not of contests among industrialized nation- states, grappling for physical possession of wealth, land or material goods, and-- This is a book about competition, crisis and conflict--but among contestants who engage in the unexplored, undisciplined and ethereal realm of Cyberspace: and in engagements not for dominance of territory, but for the control of belief systems. Above all, this is a book about the struggle for control of the new coin of the realm--information: about the need for industrialized nations to realize the value of information to national security, to define new sanctuaries, and the means to preserve and protect those "family jewels" against unconventional onslaught brought on by the risks of electronic interruption and manipulation of digits. Available on
403 pages Hardcover 0-916159-27-2 Published: 1998

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