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ARKLATEX CHAPTER - November 2014

Maj. Gen. Richard Clark, USAF (r), accepts the chapter coin from Chapter Executive Vice President Kevin Smith at the November luncheon. Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) Vice Commander Maj. Gen. Richard M. Clark, USAF, gave an inspiring talk at the chapter's general membership luncheon in November in Bossier City, Louisiana, about how commitment is being applied by members of AFGSC. Clark outlined commitment as three steps: 1) proclamation, 2) action and 3) long-term achievement. Clark said Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's statement in November that "Our nuclear deterrent plays a critical role in ensuring U.S. national security, and it’s DOD’s highest priority mission" was the proclamation of AFGSC's commitment. Clark said AFGSC is currently in the "action" phase, creating new ways to recognize service members to build morale and implementing suggestions solicited from lower-ranked officers about how to improve Global Strike Command's operations. Clark said AFGSC is seeing positive results already during this action phase, and turning the new culture into AFGSC philosophy will make the command's long-term ac ... READ MORE

HAWAII CHAPTER - November 2014

Chapter President Cory Lindo (l) congratulates November luncheon speaker Andy Bonillo, Verizon's director of cybersecurity and public safety. The chapter welcomed November keynote speaker Andy Bonillo, director of cybersecurity and public safety for Verizon's Public Policy, Law and Security organization. He briefed the chapter on the 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), which finds that 92 percent of cyber threats can be categorized into nine basic attack patterns. (Download the full report at The chapter also recognized deserving award winners. Senior government leader for October was Senior Master Sgt. John Rodriguez, USAF, cyber operations superintendent, U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM). AFCEA Students of the Month were Marc Ramirez, Waipahu High School, and Joseph Hinz, Maryknoll School. Executive of the Month was Jason Flick, account executive at Aerotek. Young AFCEAN of the Month was Kristen Kawabata, account manager at TEKsystems. AFCEAN of the Month was Master Sgt. Dan Carvalho, USA (Ret.), chapter founding member. Senior Government Leader of the Month was Rear Adm. Nancy No ... READ MORE


Chapter President Paul Reimers thanks Kimrey Rhinehardt, vice president for federal relations for the University of North Carolina (UNC) system, who spoke at the chapter's November luncheon about the growing relationship between the armed forces and UNC. The chapter welcomed Kimrey Rhinehardt, vice president for federal relations for the University of North Carolina (UNC) system, at its November luncheon. Rhinehardt described the growing relationship UNC has with the armed forces and its commitment to providing useful solutions through an exchange of information and ideas. The partnership has already paid dividends through the National Security Fellowship Program. Rhinehardt emphasized the importance of providing in-state tuition to veterans who should not be penalized for living on post while serving their country.

PORTUGAL CHAPTER - November 2014

Dr. Hugo Rocha (r), M2C project manager in Portugal, receives a corporate membership certificate from Rear Adm. Carlos Rodolfo, PRT (Ret.), chapter chairman, AFCEA director and regional vice president, Atlantic Region, in November.
In November, Rear Adm. Carlos Rodolfo, PRT (Ret.), chapter chairman, AFCEA director and regional vice president for the Atlantic area, presented Dr. Hugo Rocha, M2C project manager, with a corporate membership certificate.


The chapter team lines up the next shot during the Veterans Day Semiannual AFCEA Scholarship Golf Tournament in November. Twice a year, the chapter hosts a golf tournament to provide members and friends the opportunity to connect during a day of spirited competition that supports the chapter's scholarships and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) grants. The chapter thanks sponsors and participants for making the fall Veterans Day tournament a success.


Col. Glenn Kesselman, USA (Ret.), of Hub City Media Inc. opens the November chapter meeting with his presentation on social media, privacy and operational security. In November, the chapter teamed up with the 63rd Regional Support Command in Mountain View, California, to host a panel discussion on the topic of privacy and operational security concerns surrounding the use of social media. Col. Glenn Kesselman, USA (Ret.), of Hub City Media Inc. opened the meeting with a World War II-era graphic stating, "A careless word—a needless sinking," and went on to explain why we may be sharing too much information and completely unaware of how accessible our data is to the public. Kesselman provided an overview of the different types of social media sites: for example, media sharing, microblogging, social news and social networking. He completed his presentation by focusing on the most pervasive social media sites—Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—and how general users need to understand the privacy settings of each site and determine what level of information they are comfortable with being available publically. The panel discussion also included Col. Char ... READ MORE


Sol Cates, chief security officer at Vormetric Inc., addresses the chapter at its fall luncheon. The chapter presented Sol Cates, chief security officer at Vormetric Inc., as its guest speaker for its fall luncheon. Joining Vormetric as a security engineer in 2003, Cates quickly became the senior director of field engineering and solutions architecture before assuming his current post. Cates consults with many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies on cybersecurity; Vormetric has more than 1,100 customers, including 17 of the Fortune 25. Cates discussed how cyber attacks have changed from a destructive nature to a monetary focus, where capturing data is the goal. He stated that "data can’t defend itself." Controls need to be put in place to protect data while still allowing businesses to operate without obstruction. Cates continued by saying that attacks are now centered around the acquisition of intellectual property, classified information, infrastructure control, and command and control information. When asked how to protect the data, Cates stated that "policy and seg ... READ MORE


Brig. Gen. Kevin Wooton, USAF (l), receives a chapter coin from Chapter President Col. Bob Wright, USAF (Ret.). In October, the chapter held its monthly luncheon at the Peterson AFB Club. The highlight of the luncheon was a presentation by Brig. Gen. Kevin Wooton, USAF, director, communications and information, Headquarters Air Force Space Command. Gen Wooton described the Air Force's current and planned contributions to the Joint Information Environment (JIE). He bridged the JIE update into a strategic alignment to the Cyber Mission Forces (CMF) delivering service and national capabilities in that domain. He concluded with how JIE, CMF and intelligence components within Air Force Space Command are being united into a Directorate of Integrated Operations (A2/3/6). Additionally, Col. Michael Varner, USAF (Ret.), regional vice president, Great Plains–Rocky Mountain, announced that the Rocky Mountain Chapter had been named a Model Chapter of the Year for the fifth consecutive time. He also recognized outgoing Chapter President Col. Phil Platt, USAF (Ret.), for his contribution.

TUCSON CHAPTER - October 2014

Chapter President Maj. Chad Richardson, USAF (r), presents a certificate of appreciation to Brett Scott, founder of the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, who spoke at the chapter's October luncheon. In October, the chapter welcomed attendees to hear Brett Scott, founder of the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, for its second fall 2014 professional development luncheon. Scott specializes in cybersecurity, high-performance computing with commodity hardware, software design and development and strategic consulting. During the lunch, Scott shared his vast insight into cyber threats and vulnerabilities for supply chains, from third-party vendors to internal parties. He further illuminated many of the tactics, techniques and procedures that bad actors can use to infiltrate and exploit protected networks. Scott also showcased the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range as a personal and professional playground to exercise cyber exploitation and cybersecurity techniques.


Lt. Col. Fernando Galletta, EA (r), Security Chief Government House, receives a certificate of appreciation from Carlos Amaya, academic coordinator and moderator of the chapter’s October professional development course. In October, the chapter sponsored a professional development course titled “Physical Security” at the Military Circle in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Carlos Amaya, president of ASIS International Chapter 291 in La Plata, served as the academic coordinator and moderator. He presented distinguished speakers, who generated a multidisciplinary field of information and exchange on the art of physical security with the presentation of case studies. The main topics presented, among others were, Experiences in the Management of Physical Security, Organization for Security Studies in the Field of a Company, Physical Security in Telecommunications Infrastructure of a Company and Crisis Management Negotiating. There were 10 speakers and 40 attendees.


Dr. Kenneth Dick (l), School of Interdisciplinary Informatics, College of Information Science and Technology, University of Nebraska Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, receives a chapter coin from Col. Jeffrey Granger (USAF), chapter president and commander, 55 Communications Group, Omaha, Nebraska, at the September luncheon for addressing the chapter. Dr. Kenneth Dick, School of Interdisciplinary Informatics, College of Information Science and Technology, University of Nebraska Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, apprised the chapter on "How to Innovate" at its September luncheon. Dr. Dick pointed out that innovation rarely happens within the center of an organization, but it starts at the edge—possibly as a joke, becomes a threat and then becomes obvious. He provided six tips to enhance one's creativity: Open your mind; diversify your thoughts; use mental floss; stop looking for the straight answer; discover your creative rhythm; and remember that good health makes wealth. Dr. Dick commented that there are two types of innovation: evolutionary and revolutionary. He provided several steps to improve one's personal creativity and discussed that the market mindset is a barrier to creative thinking and the ability to innovate. Dr. Dick talked about how to organize using the three circles of innovation. In concluding, he said to develop an effec ... READ MORE


Young AFCEANs visit Bluefin Robitics in October. In October, a group of Young AFCEANs from Hanscom Air Force Base and the Coast Guard Station, Boston, toured the Bluefin Robotics facility in Quincy, Massachusetts. Bluefin provides deep and shallow water autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and hovering AUVs for ship hull and infrastructure inspections. David Kelly, Bluefin CEO, also hosted a mentorship session with the attendees.


In October, the chapter sponsored a professional development workshop at Hanscom Air Force Base. The topic, “Open Systems,” drew a large audience of government, military and civilian engineers and computer scientists as well as associated industry support contractors. Informative presentations were provided by expert guest panel members who included Dr. Stacy Doyle, MIT-Lincoln Lab, discussing “Open Mission Systems;” Harry Levinson, Carnegie Mellon-Software Engineering Institute, discussing “Open Systems: What’s Old is New Again;” Ashu Gupta, IBM, discussing “Build Versus Buy Decisions on Open Source Versus COTS solutions;” and Matt Koehr, Hewlett-Packard, discussing “Open Systems: What to Look For From a Hardware Perspective.” Panel members then fielded questions from participants.

OKINAWA CHAPTER - October 2014

Shuichi Katakura (l), regional sales manager for Japan, The Siemon Company, demonstrates the use of fiber optic products to Lt. Col. Nobuhito Ide, Japan Air Self Defense Force (c), commander, 56th Aircraft Control and Warning Group, Japan Air Self Defense Force. Col. Ide has also become an AFCEA Life Member and was presented his certificate and pin during the October event. The chapter held its 3rd Annual TechNet Day in October. This year’s theme was Joint Information Environment (JIE) and attracted 18 participating vendors, corporate sponsors and nearly 300 attendees throughout the day. Key features of the event included a keynote speaker, STEM Teacher Scholarship presentations, a joint discussion panel, vendor presentations and two buffet meals (breakfast sponsored by Infoblox and lunch sponsored by World Wide Technology Inc.). The chapter gives special thanks to AFCEA International’s Member and Chapter Services team for their support.


The chapter held its Fall Education, Networking and Membership Event in October at the Hope Hotel and Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The guest speaker was Dr. R. William Ayers, associate dean, Graduate School, Wright State University. The event allowed members, government, industry and academia personnel to enjoy light refreshments and casual conversation.


Col.  Jeffrey R. Granger, USAF, commander, 55th Communications Group, Omaha, Nebraska, and chapter president, presents a chapter coin to Janis Elliot, physics teacher, Bellevue West High School, Bellevue, Nebraska. Elliot received a chapter coin for her presentation to the chapter at its October luncheon. Janis Elliot, a physics teacher at Bellevue West High School, talked about the benefit of AFCEA grants from a different vantage point at the chapter's October luncheon. She said being able to procure specialized equipment is significant, but the emotional support a grant gives to a teacher is irreplaceable. It motivates teachers to want to get out and find more awards—it creates a positive yearning. Accompanying Elliott were Bellevue West High School students Monica Pham, senior, and Logan Van Antwerp, sophomore. Monica and Logan took turns describing the different phases of the High Altitude Learning Over Nebraska (HALON) project they are undertaking with their NASA grant. The project will entail using a weather balloon to measure optical dust within the atmosphere. They talked about the challenges they anticipate and how assistance from their Offutt Air Force Base mentors who volunteered will be invaluable with this endeavor. They realize the key to being successful with such a d ... READ MORE


Col. Jeffrey R. Granger, USAF (l), commander, 55th Communications Group, Omaha, Nebraska, and chapter president, presents a chapter coin to Stephen Hamersky, physics teacher, Gross Catholic High School, Bellevue, Nebraska. Hamersky received a chapter coin for his presentation to the chapter at its October luncheon. At the chapter's October luncheon, Stephen Hamersky, a physics teacher at Gross Catholic High School, talked about his passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and how AFCEA grants have supported his efforts. Although his ultimate concern is hooking students on some aspect of STEM, he places emphasis on robotics and spends time supporting it through VEX Robotics Competitions. Hamersky has used prior STEM grants to support open robotics, which uses open-source pieces and has been a very effective way to increase interest for middle school students. He talked about one student who got involved with robotics because of friends and went on to earn a computer science degree. Hamersky concluded by pointing out that AFCEA grants provide the extras that many schools can't afford.


Chapter President Col. Rick Folks, USAF (l), presents Timothy L. Baker, director, Resource and Acquisition Management Office, Joint Staff J-7, a chapter polo shirt at the October luncheon. The chapter's October luncheon featured Timothy L. Baker, director, Resource and Acquisition Management Office, Joint Staff J-7. He oversees a $900 million annual budget and manages a $180 million annual contract portfolio and all assigned facilities. Baker provided an informative overview of the Joint Staff J-7 Directorate for Joint Force Development organization. During the luncheon, the chapter also recognized outstanding volunteers and award winners.

AFCEA EUROPE - October 2014

Petr Jirasek (l), regional vice president for Central Eastern European and Baltic regions, Frantisek Hrebik, vice rector, Police Academy of the Czech Republic (c) and Josef Pozar, dean, Police Academy of the Czech Republic, present at the chapter meeting in October. The second European faculty advisers and student club representatives meeting was held in Prague at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in October. More than 30 professors, students and chapter representatives from seven European universities had opportunities to meet with AFCEA’s new president and CEO, Lt. Gen. Robert M. Shea, USMC (Ret.), and Tina Jordan, vice president, region and chapter outreach. Petr Jirasek, regional vice president for Central Eastern European and Baltic regions, was the meeting moderator and organizer. He opened the meeting, explaining the importance of student and Young AFCEAN activities in Europe. AFCEA has in Europe 14 student clubs and cooperation with more than 20 universities in nine countries. During the last three years, students and faculty advisers organized six student symposia and dozens of local workshops and meetings. During the meeting, all the faculty advisers introduced their local activities. Professor Paul Svasta, Politehnica Universi ... READ MORE

CZECH CHAPTER - October 2014

Petr Jirasek (l), regional vice president for Central Eastern European and Baltic regions, and Gen. Petr Pavel, CZA, chief of the general staff, attend the Future Crises Conference in October. The Future Crises Conference was held in October in Prague as part of the 16th AFCEA International ITTE conference. The conference was devoted to the issues of cybersecurity, defense and crisis management. The program committee, which was composed of prominent experts on security and representatives of important state, academic and private organizations, prepared a rich program with more than 40 presentations and practical demonstrations to inform about trends in cybersecurity, draw attention to the need for broad national and international cooperation and share experience in lifelong education, science and research in new information technology. Experts at the conference discussed how active cyber defenses may integrate with traditional military operations across the spectrum of international conflict as well as how such defenses influence national responses related to deterrence and escalation and how the effects of such operations impact other military missions. They argued that ... READ MORE

HAWAII CHAPTER - October 2014

Cory Lindo (l) chapter president, presents a token of appreciation to the October luncheon speaker Col. Mike Sweeney, USMC, assistant chief of staff, G-6, Marine Corps Forces Pacific. The chapter was honored to welcome Col. Mike Sweeney, USMC, as its October keynote speaker. Col. Sweeney serves as the assistant chief of staff, G-6, Marine Corps Forces Pacific. He stressed the importance of operational flexibility to meet the demands of rapidly changing environments requiring scalable, portable and transportable data centers. He urged industry to show warfighters how to better utilize massive amounts of data to provide useful strategic information. The chapter was pleased to recognize the October awardees: Executive of the Month Jim Pasquino, director, Honolulu Field Office, Boeing; AFCEAN of the Month Radioman Master Chief Charles Brinkman, USN (Ret.); Young AFCEAN of the Month Airman 1st Class Christopher J Ginder, USAF; Students of the Month Yu Jin Kim of Moanalua High School and Noah Faurot of Kamehameha Schools; and Senior Government Leader for September Col. Michael Finn II, USAF, director of communications and chief information officer, Pacific Air Forces, ... READ MORE

OTTAWA CHAPTER - October 2014

Speakers at the October luncheon are Dr. Paul Hubbard (c) and Dr. Mark Williamson (l), with the chapter’s vice president of programs, Dave Johnson. The chapter's October PD Luncheon featured an overview of the Canadian Safety and Security Program, presented by Dr. Mark A. Williamson, director general of Defense Research and Development Canada – Centre for Security Science (DRDC CSS). Dr. Paul Hubbard, defence scientist, DRDC CSS, also spoke on progress toward multiagency data and information exchange.

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