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Michael Conlin, chief technologist, U.S. Public Sector, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services, discusses the challenges of the cloud at the chapterís July meeting. Michael Conlin, chief technologist, U.S. Public Sector, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services, presented a fantastic session to the chapter in July regarding the challenges of cloud services. The chapter received very good comments from attendees. "As it relates to his topic on the cloud agenda, I learned that 'best of breed' should scare me, Amazon is covering the market and that 'paving the cow path' is not a very smart approach to stepping into the cloud world if I want to maximize value to my business. Michael took an over-hyped topic through a series of practical discussion points that was refreshing, shed new light and made the crowd laugh, always a bonus!" said one attendee. The chapter thanks all who helped put the event together and special thanks to Conlin for volunteering his time and talent to help the chapter succeed.


In July, Vincent Holloway, vice chairman of the chapter board (r), presented David Minds, solutions specialist, with a corporate membership certificate recognizing Strategic Communications as a member of AFCEA.


In July, Vincent Holloway, vice chairman of the chapter board (r), presented Chris Green with a corporate membership certificate recognizing CK Green Incorporated as a member of AFCEA.


In July, Rear Adm. Carlos Rodolfo, PRT NA (Ret.), chapter president (l), presented Guilherme Silva, chief executive officer of SENSYS-Solutions Engineering and Systems SA (c), with a corporate membership certificate in the presence of Carlos Estevao, commercial director of this international group focused on business applications for critical operations, based in Lisbon.


At its July luncheon, the chapter received a briefing on action to take and plans to make in the event of a hurricane. Ron Ricci, senior emergency management coordinator for Brevard County, Florida, reminded the group that hurricane season started June 1, though there have been no storms so far this year. He described the evacuation system for handicapped people, telling of emergency shelters throughout the county. Presenting some detailed plans to have in advance, he did admit that many people donít have or donít follow their plans. Hurricane planning booklets were given to the group as were lists of emergency shelters.


Steve Scott, chapter vice president, membership (l) and Adam Feingold, chapter vice president, programs (r), present a Certificate of Recognition in July to guest speaker Capt. Jeffrey P. Marshall, USN, for his AFCEA lifetime membership. Capt. Marshall is the commanding officer of the Naval Satellite Operations Center, Point Mugu, California. Capt. Jeffrey P. Marshall, USN, commanding officer, Naval Satellite Operations Center, Point Mugu, California, spoke to the chapter in July about the Naval Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC), which is a component command of the Naval Network Warfare Command operating under the guidance of U.S. Fleet Cyber Command. NAVSOC provides continuous global narrowband communications, using 13 satellites on-orbit to support the tactical and operational warfighter and strategic and interagency demands.


Catherine Davison (l) and Ziomara Blanco each received $5,000 STEM Teachers Scholarship checks at the Alamo chapterís luncheon in July. Blanco was named one of the 2014 STEM Teachers Scholarship winners by AFCEA International and Davison received a similar honor at the chapter level. The Alamo chapterís Scholarships and Educational Grants committee capped a busy spring and summer with several check presentations in July. Two recent college graduates, Ziomara Blanco and Catherine Davison, took home $5,000 each after winning STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Teachers Scholarships, and the local Civil Air Patrol unit received more than $6,500 to assist with costs of a new CyberPatriot boot camp initiative debuting this year in San Antonio. The STEM Teachers Scholarships are offered through the AFCEA Educational Foundation (with funding from several industry partners and regional chapters) to students seeking degrees or licensure to teach STEM subjects at a U.S. middle or secondary school. Blanco, who was among the 2014 AFCEA International scholarship winners announced earlier this year, is a recent University of Houston graduate with degrees in biology, education and psychology and a 3.7 GPA. She is the first member of her family to finish col ... READ MORE


Master Gunnery Sgt. Arthur Allen III, USMC, chapter president, demonstrates the Signal Magazine iPad App to the audience during the chapterís July general membership meeting. Allen is the communications chief, III Marine Expeditionary Force G-6, and is the senior enlisted communicator across all Marine forces in Japan.


Master Gunnery Sgt. Arthur Allen III, USMC, chapter president (l), presents a certificate of appreciation to Alan Alan "Joe" Joseph III, CCIE #17190, manager, Global Operations/Asia at ActioNet Incorporated, was the speaker for the July luncheon. His presentation was entitled "Network Analysis Tools and Techniques."


Col. Keith W. Balts, USAF, 30th Space Wing commander, speaks to the chapter in July. Col. Keith W. Balts, USAF, 30th Space Wing commander, updated the chapter on the latest space initiatives affecting the Western Range during a meeting in July. Col. Balts first recognized and expressed his appreciation for the important role of technology in improving space operations. He referenced a standardization and consolidation effort of space command and control assets that will lead to greater effectiveness between the space launch ranges at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg Air Force Base. "The biggest challenge will be modernizing aging space infrastructure," Col. Balts said. He also acknowledged the need to secure against vulnerabilities when converting space systems to an Internet protocol-based architecture. Col. Balts compared the growth of operations in cyber to those of the pre-existing space domain, but with current modernization projects, it appears that this time cyber is leading the way ahead for space. Additionally, Tech. Sgt. Corlena Schramm, USAF, and Riccardo M ... READ MORE


Opening the chapter's conference on In July, the chapter, in cooperation with the Portuguese Naval Academy, the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon (FDUL) and Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), organized a seminar on "Cybersecurity: Technological Issues and Legal Implications." The event attracted about 150 attendees, including members of the armed and security forces, government organizations, academia and research centers, and industry. The seminar focused on the relevant issues related to the security of information and the law in cyberspace, with the intention of creating an effective dialogue between the various actors: users, technicians and jurists. Jose Torres Sobral, National Security Authority, delivered the keynote address, presenting the National Cyber Security Strategy and the status of the development of the newly created National Cyber Security Center in Portugal. The first panel, Cybersecurity and its Impact on Organizations, focused on cybersecurity as a critical infrastructure with speakers Ma ... READ MORE


Dr. Ray Vaughn, vice president of research for the University of Alabama in Huntsville addresses the chapter in July. Dr. Ray Vaughn, vice president of research for the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), served as guest speaker for the chapter's July luncheon. Dr. Vaughn is a retired Army colonel and former vice president of Defense Information Systems Agency Integration services. Dr. Vaughn received his Ph.D. in computer science from Kansas State University in 1988. He has since been credited with more than 100 publications, been named Most Outstanding Faculty member at Mississippi State University (MSU), and recently settled in his post at UAH. Dr. Vaughn presented the luncheon crowd with an eye-opening discussion about Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology, threats and the current state of the infrastructure in the United States. SCADA systems are a type of industrial control system and often are found in industrial (manufacturing) or infrastructure (electrical power transmission and oil and gas pipelines) processes. Dr. Vaughn explained that most SCADA systems ar ... READ MORE


Col. Charles Dowling, USMC, assistant chief of staff G-6, First Marine Division, the guest speaker at the June luncheon, discusses the road ahead for Col. Charles Dowling, USMC, assistant chief of staff G-6, First Marine Division, was the guest speaker at the chapter's June luncheon. During his presentation, Col. Dowling spoke of the superb performance put forth by the communicators of the division during Operation Enduring Freedom 12-1. He provided his vision of the future of tactical communications within the division and spoke of the need to transition back to a maneuver-type mindset after many years of operating in a static environment within operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, and to include integration of support wide area network (SWAN) terminals, adaptive networking wideband waveform 2(ANW2) and Network on the Move into that maneuver mindset. During his discussion with attendees, Col. Dowling acknowledged the assistance received from the supporting establishments in the areas of acquiring more bandwidth for division exercises and ANW2 training. His vision of the road ahead for the First Marine Division includes ... READ MORE


In June, the chapter sponsored a conference, Quantum Computation and Quantum Cryptography. The chapter sponsored a conference, Quantum Computation and Quantum Cryptography, at the Argentina Army's Army University Buenos Aires in June. Forty-five attendees heard from Juan Pablo Paz, Ph.D., senior researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, and Miguel A. Larotonda, Ph.D., Quantum Optics division chief at the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of the Armed Forces for lasers and applications. The conference focused on the basics of the art of quantum computation and cryptography, allowing participants to explore these disruptive technologies that revolutionize the computing world.


Bud Vazquez, chapter president (far r) joins Matt Deutsch, Young AFCEAN Rocket Box program coordinator (far l), science teacher Fred Lipton (back row, second from l), and Hanscom Middle School students in celebrating Rocket Day in June. In June, Hanscom Air Force Base and Young AFCEANs (YACs) Megan Kozacka and Kasie Moriarty teamed with Matt Deutsch, program coordinator, to plan and execute this yearís Rocket Box program. Rocket Box is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) initiative providing selected middle schools with grants from the chapterís Education Fund to support a week of rocketry, providing students with hands-on experience in the interdisciplinary aspects of science, aeronautics and math. Rocket week culminates with an actual rocket launch assisted by the YACs, making the experience not only educational but fun for each student. This year, the YACs awarded $3,000 in grants to four area schools, including Hanscom Middle School, Parker and McCarthy Middle Schools in Chelmsford and Freetown-Lakeville Middle School in Lakeville. Hanscom Middle School held its actual Rocket Day launch on June 24, supported by Deutsch and school science teacher Fred Lipton, who assisted the kids in setti ... READ MORE


In June, Rear Adm. Carlos Rodolfo, PRT NA (Ret.), chapter president, addresses the audience at the anniversary ceremony presenting the evocative book of 25 years of chapter activity. In June, the Portugal chapter concluded the celebration of its 25th anniversary with a ceremony at the Portuguese Joint War College (IESM) to thank current and former AFCEA members, partners and supporters. About 200 guests, from military and civilian institutions, including armed forces, security forces and services, and universities and research centers, as well as companies and associates, attended the event. The following distinguished guests were present: Gen. Pina Monteiro, PRT AR, chief of the Joint General Staff; Dr. Antero Luis, secretary-general of the Internal Security System; Dr. Julio Pereira, secretary-general of the Intelligence System of the Portuguese Republic; Gen. Jose Pinheiro, chief of the Air Force Staff; Adm. Macieira Fragoso, chief of Navy Staff; Gen. Carlos Geronimo, chief of Army Staff; Lt. Gen. Manuel Couto, general commander of the Republican Guard; Vice Adm. Torres Sobral, National Security Authority; Maj. Gen. Manuel Chambel, National Armaments director ... READ MORE


Diligent Consulting Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Riney (r), accepts the 2014 Small Business Award for dedicated service to the chapter from Chapter Executive Vice President David Kovach in June. Several San Antonio business leaders received public recognition in June as chapter awards were announced. Chapter Executive Vice President David Kovach presented the 2014 Small Business Award to Diligent Consulting Incorporated; the Small Business Person of the Year award to Sharon OíMalley-Burg, chief executive officer of OíMalley Burg Consulting; and the Distinguished Award for Excellence in Information Technology to Joe Sanchez, senior adviser to the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA). The Small Business award goes each year to a company that demonstrates commitment to AFCEA's mission, values and activities. Diligent Consulting, which was formed in 2001, is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business. It employs 80 people and provides a tool set (called Evolution Solution) that helps customers quickly assess legacy system source code in their technology systems. The tool helps many federal clients, including the Air Force, Defense Logisti ... READ MORE


Col. Stephen Nitzschke, USMC, director of the U.S. Special Operations Commandís Innovation Lab (r), is welcomed by Chapter President Col. Michael Hill, USAF, in June. The chapter welcomed guest Col. Stephen Nitzschke, USMC, director of the U.S. Special Operations Commandís Innovation Lab (iLab), in June. Col. Nitzschke is responsible for directing the organizational initiative to build public/private networks of experts and expertise to address strategy and policy challenges within the special operations community. The iLab was established to improve organizational performance through cross-functional collaboration and improved business processes, structures and systems, and leverages transformational ideas and actively manages change. The iLab adds structure to ungoverned spaceóthose outside normal J-8 policies. The mission is simple: encourage new ideas, accept appropriate risk and develop new solutions that add value to the enterprise. Col. Nitzchke described the iLab as a catalyst playing a major role in providing proof of concept, performing pilot programs/projects and conducting trend analysis. He stated the iLab is able to offer a resource ... READ MORE


Maj. Gen. Earl Matthews, USAF, visiting San Antonio from the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, discusses cyber initiatives with the Alamo chapter in June. The chapter hosted strong speakers at luncheon events in June and July, focusing on Air Force cyber initiatives and the future of the Defense Health Agency. Maj. Gen. Earl Matthews, USAF, who was part of a visiting team of cyber military and civilian development teams visiting Randolph Air Force Base, addressed the chapter in June. Matthews is director of cyberspace operations at the Office of Information Dominance and chief information officer, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. More than 200 people signed up to attend the luncheon, which was moved to the Parr Officers' Club at Randolph to accommodate the speakers and attendees. In July, Dr. Peter Marks touched on the rationale and steps needed to create the new U.S. Department of Defense electronic health record, with a focus on standardizing business processes and infrastructure. Marks is acting chief operating officer for the Defense Health Agency Infrastructure and Operations Directorate and director for Enterprise Techn ... READ MORE


Together in the first row (l-r) the Electrical & Computer Engineering and 25th annual Joint C4I AFCEA John McReynolds Wozencraft awards presentations in June are Larry Reeves, chapter president; Joint C4I awardee Capt. Kevin McMullen, USMC; Vice Adm. Ronald Route, USN (Ret.), president, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS); and Electrical & Computer Engineering awardee Capt. Douglas Columbus, USMC. In the second row are Paul Cutt of the chapter; Dr. John Arquilla, chairman, Defense Analysis, NPS; Dr. Dennis Volpano, professor, computer sciences, NPS; Cmdr. Thor Martinsen, USN, program officer, electrical and computer engineering and applied mathematics, NPS; Dr. Douglas Hensler, provost, NPS; Dr. Phil Durkee, dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, NPS; and Dr. Sherif Michael, professor, electrical engineering, NPS.  The new AFCEA clock award was admired by the 30 other awardees and many attendees at the Spring Quarter ceremony. 
Photo by Javier Chagoya, Offical Navy Photographer The chapter presented the 123rd quarterly Electrical & Computer Engineering and 25th annual Joint C4I AFCEA John McReynolds Wozencraft academic honor awards in June at the historic Hotel Del Monte McNitt Ballroom to two Marine captains, Capt. Douglas Columbus, USMC, and Capt. Kevin McMullen, USMC, who earned two Master of Science degrees.

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