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ALASKA CHAPTER - January 2015

Pat Shier, chief information officer and associate vice chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), presents to the chapter at its first luncheon of 2015. Pat Shier, chief information officer and associate vice chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), spoke to chapter members at a luncheon in January. His talk primarily focused on the challenges of attracting and keeping science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students at the rapidly increasing pace of technology. Alaska currently has no STEM-based apprenticeship programs and no defined pathways to educate and guide K-12 students toward STEM careers. Another challenge throughout the state is reaching out to its 15,000 home-schooled students. And once the student embarks on a STEM education at UAA, the next hurdle is to keep them in the program through graduation. Shier said that what a student learns in his or her freshman year of college may be obsolete by junior year because of the rapid changes in industry. Additionally, many students take decent-paying information technology jobs after only two years of college and never complete their bachelor’s deg ... READ MORE


Col. Russ Smith, USAF, deputy J-6, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), is installed as 2015 chapter president at the January luncheon. The chapter's 2015 kickoff included officer installation; the newest president taking the gavel is Col. Russ Smith, USAF, deputy J-6, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Col. Smith began his official chapter duties by introducing 2015's first speaker, Tony Coomes, Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AISR) Transport Infrastructure Action officer, Chief Information Officer Division, USSOCOM. Coomes is responsible for implementation of a global enterprise sensor- and asset-agnostic transport infrastructure supporting special operations forces. He co-authored and championed an Initial Capabilities Document that awaited briefing in February at the Deputy Joint Staff J-8's Joint Capabilities Board to secure a Defense Department-level Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Sensor Data Transport Infrastructure for joint forces worldwide. His presentation included the AISR infrastructure along with a "How Can Industry Help?" needs list; among them, sol ... READ MORE

HAWAII CHAPTER - January 2015

Cory Lindo, chapter president (l), greets January luncheon speaker Capt. William Dodge, USN, commanding officer, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific. The chapter welcomed January keynote speaker Capt. William Dodge, USN, commanding officer, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific. Capt. Dodge spoke of the continuing opportunities for industry in configuration management and technology business management solutions; better, faster, more accurate integrated full-spectrum enterprise management cyber threat/event detection and isolation; smart, self-healing networks; and telecom/information technology infrastructure modernization, virtualization and consolidation to build the framework for unified capabilities. Cmdr. Steve Jensen, USN (Ret.), and Master Sgt. Felipe Rael, USMC, senior enlisted adviser, Wounded Warrior Battalion–West, Charlie Company, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, showed appreciation for the 2014 TechNet Asia-Pacific golf tournament proceeds benefitting Navy/Marine Corps Warriors in Transition, where Cmdr. Jensen is chaplain. The chapter's outstanding January awardees are students Peter Hyatt, Kahuku Hig ... READ MORE


Present at the January chapter board meeting to vote on an interim executive vice president (l-r) are Benjamin Rosales; Lt. Chaim Shmuel Stitzer, USAF; outgoing executive vice president Kevin Smith; Senior Master Sgt. Barbara Schleben, USAF; Master Sgt. Alfred O'Connor; Brigette Melton of General Dynamics Information Technology; Lt. Timothy Hoffman, USAF; and Joshua Fisher of General Dynamics Information Technology. The chapter sends best wishes to outgoing executive vice president Kevin Smith. He leaves the Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana, area for work in Austin, Texas. Smith had not yet retired from the 8th Air Force when he became the chapter’s executive vice president more than eight years ago. He was instrumental in growing relationships with industry partners. Smith said, “Because of [those sponsors], we’ve been able to hit our target of putting on world-class events and raise enough funds to give out at least $30,000 each year in scholarships—normally 10 $3,000 student scholarships—and we’ve targeted giving out, on average, about five $2,000 teacher grants [every year]. We’ve attracted the very best in speakers across our industry, academia and government/military partners.” Ask any chapter member and he or she will tell you Smith has built an excellent chapter community in the Shreveport-Bossier City area. Smith said, “We invited all of the key Bossier and Shreveport public official ... READ MORE

ALASKA CHAPTER - January 2015

Electa Kean from AT&T presents Chapter President David Elder with a $10,000 check in January for the chapter to continue supporting growth in the information technology fields. The chapter is comprised of two nonprofit organizations. The primary organization promotes cooperation and sharing between academia, government and industry to improve information technology in Alaska. The other organization supports science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs throughout Alaska. Each year, the STEM organization receives generous donations from industry that are in turn donated to K-12 teachers who promote STEM activities. This year, however, AT&T Alaska donated $10,000 to the primary chapter to further chapter goals and improve ongoing chapter operations. This will allow the chapter to update the technology used to run its monthly luncheons as well as send representatives to AFCEA International events to glean best practices from other chapters. The chapter appreciates AT&T Alaska's continuous support of the chapter and STEM contributions.


Randy Siegel, founder and principal of Center Circle Consultants, is recognized for his AFCEAN of the Month achievement by Lisa Nowell, chapter president, in January. Randy Siegel, founder and principal of Center Circle Consultants, a federal mobility-focused advisory services firm, and Christina Copley, a federal client relationship manager for Kforce Inc., a professional staffing firm, were chosen as the AFCEAN and Young AFCEAN of the Month, respectively, for January. Siegel is also vice chair of the Mobile Working Group for the chapter. Copley joined AFCEA almost two years ago and is an active volunteer. Siegel has extensive knowledge of the government mobility market space. He was instrumental in co-chairing the recent Mobility Technology Summit held late last year. In addition, Siegel worked for Microsoft, Motorola and Fixmo before starting Center Circle Consultants. At Kforce Inc., Copley maintains a portfolio of small, medium and large government integrators across civilian, Defense Department and intelligence communities, providing key professional services support. Copley volunteers with the Young AFCEAN programs. She has been involved w ... READ MORE


Panelists at the January chapter luncheon include (l-r) Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins Jr., USAF, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) director; David Bennett, chief information officer, DISA;
Dave Mihelcic, chief technology officer and principal director, Global Information Grid Enterprise Services Engineering, DISA; Mark Orndorff, chief information assurance executive, DISA; Alfred Rivera, principal director, Enterprise Services, DISA; and Brig. Gen. Robert Skinner, chief of staff, DISA During the chapter's January luncheon, Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins Jr., USAF, head of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), led a panel discussion about DISA's reorganization and priorities this year. Gen. Hawkins told a sold-out crowd that DISA's reorganization would address four consistent complaints he hears wherever he goes: It's hard to reach people within the agency, and DISA is too costly, too slow and not agile enough. Gen. Hawkins said the agency is being transformed into a streamlined and efficient organization that is more agile in employing information technology personnel across the Department of Defense and more responsive to its customers. DISA is focused on the "five C’s": cyber, cloud, collaboration, command and control, Gen. Hawkins said. The reorganization would include centralizing the work conducted at DISA among four centers: business and development, implementation and sustainment, resource management and operations. Each center would have a specific role ... READ MORE


In January, Nuno Paiva (3rd from l), general manager of Lusis, presents Lt. Col. Mario Alvares (2nd from r), PRT AR, educational director of the Portuguese Army Sergeants School (ESE), with equipment to support STEM education there. Others gathering for the presentation are (from l): Rear Adm. Mario Durao, PRT NA (Ret.), chapter president; Col. Pedro Sardinha, PRT AR, commander of ESE; and Rear Adm. Carlos Rodolfo, PRT NA (Ret.), AFCEA director and regional vice president, Atlantic Region. In January, the chapter, with support from Lusis Equipamentos e Servicos Lda, offered to the Portuguese Army Sergeants School–ESE (Escola de Sargentos do Exercito) equipment to aid education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Nuno Paiva, general manager of Lusis, presented to Lt. Col. Mario Alvares, PRT AR, educational director of ESE, equipment for the school. Rear Adm. Mario Durao, PRT NA (Ret.), chapter president; Rear Adm. Carlos Rodolfo, PRT NA (Ret.), AFCEA director and regional vice president, Atlantic Region; Col. Pedro Sardinha, PRT AR, commander of the Portuguese Army Sergeants School (ESE); and a delegation of teachers and students attended the presentation ceremony.

HAWAII CHAPTER - January 2015

Col. David Snoddy, USAF, 67th Cyberspace Operations Wing commander, was one of the speakers on the January panel. In January, the Young AFCEAN Vice Presidents hosted another leadership and mentorship panel at the Seven Palms Bar and Grille. The panel was led by Col. David Snoddy, USAF, 67th Cyberspace Operations Wing commander; Lt. Col. Roy Rockwell, USAF, 561st Network Operations Squadron commander; and Lt. Col. Mark Reith, USAF, 690 Network Support Squadron commander. The panelists took turns answering questions on topics ranging from leadership traits to effective use of resources and lessons learned throughout their careers. While discussing leadership traits, Col. Snoddy stated, "A leader's greatest trait is consensus building. The ability to rally, motivate and inspire drives teams to accomplish goals and effectively manage resources." After the panel, AFCEANs took advantage of the social setting to interact with the panelists and gain further insight regarding the future of cyberspace operations across the Air Force Information Network. The event's success is a testament of the Young AFC ... READ MORE


Linda Skinner, 2014 chapter president, announced the 2015 chapter officers at the January chapter meeting. Officers include Chapter President David Hart, Segue Technologies; Executive Vice President Dennis Drayer, dldc; Vice President, Information, Greg Greening, CDO Technologies; Vice President, Membership, Srujal Sheth, Vana Solutions; Vice President, Programs, Lt. Col. Joseph Wingo, USAF; Vice President, Education, Daniel S. Goddard; Vice President, Chapter Operations, Judy Neher, Celerity Technical Services; Vice President of Enlisted Affairs Master Sgt. Eleanor Blystone, USAF; Vice President of Networking Daniel Marion, JJR Solutions; Treasurer Andy Callahan, Peerless Technologies; Secretary Adrianna Templeton, Bering Straits Native Corporation; and Young AFCEAN Co-Chairs Brent Ahlers and Gartner and Claire Revalee, TekSystems.

MONTEREY CHAPTER - December 2014

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) President Vice Adm. Ronald Route, USN (Ret.); AFCEA awardee Lt. Andrew Moss, USN; NPS professor Herschel Loomis; NPS professor Frank Kragh; NPS Graduate School of Engineering Dean Phil Durkee; and Chapter President Lawrence Reeves meet in the Barbara McNitt Ballroom in December. Lt. Andrew B. Moss, USN, was honored in December at the sold-out Pearl Harbor Remembrance dinner co-hosted by the chapter, Naval Order and Navy League. They were seated with Silicon Valley's internationally known venture capitalist and former Chairman of the Export/Import Bank and Deputy Secretary General United Nations Programme, William Draper III. AFCEA members Peter Coe Verbica, Rear Adm. Jerry Ellis, USN (Ret.), and Adm. Henry Mauz, USN (Ret.), were also dinner companions. AFCEA co-founder David Sarnoff wrote in 1948 that the association's purpose was "a never-ending effort to ensure that never again will America be so pitifully weak that it is a temptation for an aggressor nation to attack us as was done at Pearl Harbor." At the dinner, Draper's talk was on cyberwar, a topic of national interest. He also presented four signed copies of his book, The Startup Game, to students.

MONTEREY CHAPTER - December 2014

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) President Vice Adm. Ronald Route, USN (Ret.) (l); award winner Lt. Andrew Moss, USN (c); and Chapter President Lawrence Reeves gather in the Barbara McNitt Ballroom at NPS to honor Moss in December. The 125th AFCEA John McReynolds Wozencraft Electrical and Computer Engineering Academic Honor Award was presented in December to Lt. Andrew B. Moss, USN. His Master of Science thesis was "Temporally Adjusted Complex Ambiguity Function Mapping Algorithm for Geolocating RF Signals," supervised by professor Herschel Loomis, who was an MIT Ph.D. student in 1963 of the late information theorist Wozencraft. Now a tradition, a group photo is taken with those who guide the winner’s academic achievement.

TURKIYE CHAPTER - December 2014

Col. I. Bora Buyukoner, TUA (Ret.), chapter president, makes his opening speech during the December celebration. The chapter celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding in December at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Social Facilities in Ankara, Turkey. For the celebration, a dinner was organized, and all chapter members were invited. Before dinner, Chapter President Col. I. Bora Buyukoner, TUA (Ret.), discussed the chapter's current plans and activities, and he told the story of how the chapter was founded. The president then presented plaques to ASELSAN Inc., Cahit Erikci, Cengiz Ergeneman, Ismet Atalar, Mahmut Karadeniz, Mehmet Zaim, Ugur Karavelioglu and Suat Bengur, who have been members for 25 years.


In December, the chapter held its annual meeting and recognized its new board members. The chapter held its annual meeting at the Military Circle in Buenos Aires in December. The new board members are: Rear Adm. Emilio Nigoul, ARA (Ret.), chapter president; Col. Oscar Gonzalez, FAA (Ret.), first vice president; Col. Daniel Tello, EA (Ret.), second vice president; Col. Hugo Cargnelutti, EA (Ret.), secretary; Capt. Antonio Urbano, ARA (Ret.), deputy secretary; Oscar Pesiney, treasurer; Miguel Avelluto, deputy treasurer; Eng. Luis Valle, board member; Eng. Luis A. Favotto, board member; Gabriel Sanchez Barbeito, board member; and Col. Ernesto Celestino, GN (Ret.), board member. The members attended the lunch after the meeting.


Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Timothy T. Jex, USAF (c), commander, 711th Human Performance Wing, receives a certificate of appreciation from Lt. Col. Brenda Oppel, USAF, chapter vice president of programs, and Linda Skinner, chapter president, following the general’s speech at the December luncheon. More than 200 members gathered for the final chapter luncheon of the year. The sponsors were AT&T, CSC Technologies, Evanhoe and Associates, Northrup Grumman, Peerless Technologies and Segue Technologies. The December chapter luncheon speaker was Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Timothy T. Jex, USAF, commander, 711th Human Performance Wing (HPW). The 711th HPW advances human performance and integration for air, space and cyberspace through research, education, consultation and operational support. The wing operates at seven geographically separated sites; the two major locations are Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The wing's primary mission units are the Human Effectiveness Directorate, the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine and the Human Performance Integration Directorate. Gen. Jex oversees more than 2,000 personnel and an annual $300 million budget. He also provides strategic direction for Air Force biotechnology, public health training and aeromedica ... READ MORE


Hope Children's Home children sing Christmas carols to the chapter at the December luncheon. The chapter's December luncheon offered members and the community the opportunity to wrap up 2014 in a charitable and fun-loving manner. Each year, the chapter honors Hope Children's Home. Founded in 1968, the home has been a refuge for children in the Tampa Bay area, rescuing nearly 5,000 children, from infants to age 18. For more than 40 years, Hope Children's Home has taken children in and tried to make a difference in their very impressionable lives. The chapter's annual Hope Children's Home Christmas event fills the room with holiday cheer as the children sing Christmas carols. Audience members are encouraged to become involved in the merriment with lots of dancing and singing. Members present the children with gifts from their Christmas lists, and the chapter gives a monetary donation to the home.


At the December Power Breakfast are (l-r) David Hart of event sponsor Segue Technologies and former chapter president; guest speaker Ramona Vikan of the Ahrens Consulting Group (TACG); and Claire Revelee and Brent Ahlers, the chapter's Young AFCEAN co-chairs. The chapter hosted its December Young AFCEAN Power Breakfast speaker series at First Watch. The speaker was Ramona Vikan of the Ahrens Consulting Group (TACG), who spoke about being a go-getter vs. go-giver. Claire Revalee, chapter co-chair, said more than 20 members attended the ongoing networking event. The event sponsor was Segue Technologies Inc.


Rear Adm. Emilio Nigoul, ARA (Ret.) chapter president (third from r) presents a check and certificate to Col. Enrique Nogueira, director of the military (c) in December. The Military Lyceum "General San Martin" in Buenos Aires won The Science Teaching Tools Award 2014 for "Doing robotics with waste". Rear Adm. Emilio Nigoul, ARA (Ret.) chapter president, presented a check and certificate to Col. Enrique Nogueira, director of the military, Lyceum "General San Martin." Col. Jorge Domenech, chief of Army Basic Education; Lt. Col. Raul Cantaluppi, adviser of Army Basic Education, Eng Professor Fernando Levalle and Eng Professor Hernan San Martin, in charge of the project, were present at the ceremony in December. The project allows for assembly of different parts of robots using technological waste.

OKINAWA CHAPTER - December 2014

Chapter officers, members and supporters, including Chapter President Arthur Allen III, USMC (far l), gather at the university tour in December. The chapter hosted a guided tour in December of the OIST Graduate University, an internationally distinguished institution for education and research in science and technology. The university features a single interdisciplinary program and a five-year integrated doctoral program that recruits only about 40 students per year worldwide. One of the main highlights of this professional development event is the presentation of the university’s information technology department, supercomputer and state-of-the-art data center. Chief information officer Tim Dyce is especially knowledgeable about information technology support to researchers and faculty, data center capability and its integrated technologies as well as HVAC efficiencies.

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