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Health Summit - 07/31/2015
Capitol Hilton , Washington, DC, DC [Read More]

Young AFCEAN Night Out At The Park - 08/04/2015
DC [Read More]

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Good Grief: Isn't Anyone Responsible Here?

The recent failures of government information technology security point out the need for a new cyber service model, which features accountability and liability for the provider. [Read more...]

STEM Is a 21st Century Critical Element of National Security

Just as when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik nearly 58 years ago, the science community in the United States must rise to the occasion in a national security effort for information technology. [Read more...]

Employees Are Not the Weakest Link in Cyber

Our problem with cybersecurity is we are spending billions of dollars on prevention and enforcement and not enough on education. Sound familiar? [Read more...]

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Defense Department Embraces 'Good Enough' for Mobile Security

As the Defense Department dives into the mobility ecosystem and embraces the use of mobile devices by the warfighter in the battlefield up to the highest echelons of leadership, it seeks solutions too for full-on mobility at the enterprise level.
[Read more...]

Next-Gen Satellite to Deliver High-Speed Mobile Wideband

The mobile craze and the shift to constant connectivity—even if it means paying steep prices for slow Internet speeds—have paid off for both airlines offering onboard Wi-Fi hot spots and satellite communications providers. [Read more...]

Humanitarians Take to the Skies for Disaster Relief

Drones increasingly are taking on non-lethal civilian and humanitarian missions as aid groups and private companies capitalize on technology that not only is more common, but more affordable and manageable. [Read more...]

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Check out the July issue of SIGNAL Magazine with articles focusing on cyberthreats and government/commerical technologies.

Destructive Cyber Attacks Increase in Frequency, Sophistication

RAT infestations are just one serious threat to the critical infrastructure. [Read more...]

Quantum Radar Could Render Stealth Aircraft Obsolete

An international research team has developed technology that has the potential to benefit military and medicine. [Read more...]

Creepy-Crawlies Aid Biometric Forensics

A recent study indicates the communities of microbes found in and on the human body can be used to identify individuals, much like fingerprints and other biometric data. [Read more...]

Leveraging Technology - The Joint Imperative

The Bottom Line

We Saw Them Coming

The "Great Technical Glitch of July 8" shut down institutions that represent the economy (NYSE), transportation (United Airlines) and communications or freedom of speech (The Wall Street Journal). Not to go all X Files on you, but... [Read more...]

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