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Joint Warfighter IT Day - 09/04/2014
Sheraton Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA [Read More]

DC Chapter Kickoff Networking/Recruitment Event - 09/08/2014
Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille, Arlington, VA [Read More]

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News Briefs

Fly Through Customs

U.S. Customs and Border Protection now offers an app that expedites the entry process for U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors into the United States.
[Read more...]

NIE Introduces New, Earlier Cyber Elements

The U.S. Army is introducing new cyber features into its semiannual Network Integration Evaluation to better identify, understand and defend against threats.
[Read more...]

DARPA's Plan to Speed Up New Material Development Could Shave Years Off Process

The Defense Department's research agency kicked off a new program to improve the time it takes to develop military platforms, with an aim of shortening the process by 75 percent. [Read more...]

Bottom Up! Government Adopting Software-Defined Networking

Government information technology experts see benefits and challenges to software-defined networking. [Read more...]

SIGNAL Online Features

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RoboSubs Transform from Toys to Warfighter Tools

Navy competition launches technology innovation and student careers.
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U.S. Army Prototypes to Ease Warfighters' Reliance on GPS

U.S. Army engineers developed technology prototypes aimed at weaning U.S. forces from dependence on GPS systems. [Read more...]

Tool Transfers Unclassified Data to Classified Networks

A small form factor device that will allow communications from low-level unclassified networks up to high-level secret classified networks has completed the development stage and is in the process of transferring to its new program. [Read more...]

This Month in SIGNAL Magazine

Want an inside look at the August issue of SIGNAL Magazine? Watch our preview video for a glimpse of the articles, covering Disruptive Technologies and Spectrum Management.

August SIGNAL video

U.S. Army Explores Push-Button Networking

The U.S. Army's current tactical network delivers a wide range of capabilities for warfighters. Future tactical networks will automate many processes and may be smart enough to advise commanders, similar to JARVIS, Iron Man's computerized assistant. [Read more...]

Defense Acquisition, Meet Moore's Law

The Defense Department must accommodate the logistical changes brought about by rapid technology innovation. [Read more...]

Tag Teaming Big Data

Two closely related science and technology programs aim to improve image location and search capabilities, saving intelligence analysts significant time and effort.
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The Bottom Line

The World Is Full of Journalists

New media entrants have quietly emerged: John Q. Public as the on-the-spot reporter. [Read more...]

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