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DoD CIO Mobility Industry Day - 07/09/2015
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington DC, DC [Read More]

Belvoir Annual Golf Tournamet - 07/13/2015
Bull Run Golf Course, VA [Read More]

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Capitalizing on Commercial Innovation

From the SIGNAL Blog

Sum Will Be Greater Than the Parts

Sandia National Laboratories and the Georgia Institute of Technology signed a five-year memorandum of understanding that enables them to collaboratively solve science and technology problems of national importance. [Read more...]

Bid Protests: Whose Fault Are They?

With limited exceptions, all protests originate with disappointed bidders, so on the surface, all protests are the fault of contractors. But how did the contractor find itself with the need to protest? [Read more...]

The Clash of Two Physics

The information age is on the brink of a new revolution as quantum mechanics begins to influence its developments. But uncertainty reigns when it comes to predicting what will emerge and how it will affect the world. [Read more...]

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DSCOVR Weather Satellite Reaches L1 Orbit

The DSCOVR satellite reached its orbit position 1 million miles from Earth, little more than 100 days after its winter launch. The satellite will become the first operational spacecraft in deep space to provide constant weather analysis. [Read more...]

OPM Cyber Attack Fits Pattern of Nation-State Hunt for Sensitive Data

The significant federal government cyberbreach that let hackers swipe the personal data of more than 4 million current and former federal employees has all the trappings of a targeted nation-state attack aimed at gleaning critical information on federal workers; and current cyber protection methods might not be enough to prevent future attacks. [Read more...]

U.S Army Network Modernization Moves to Full Rate Production

The U.S. Army has received approval to proceed to full-rate production and fielding of its mobile tactical communications network backbone, Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2. [Read more...]

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This Month in SIGNAL Magazine

Check out the June issue of SIGNAL Magazine with articles focusing on Marine Corps technologies and cognitive computing.

Marines Bring the Cloud to the Tactical Edge

The U.S. Marine Corps is looking toward its major information technology support projects to serve its tactical command, control, communications and computers needs. [Read more...]

Research Spurs Cognitive Computing Renaissance

Scientists experience breakthroughs in all areas of artificial intelligence. [Read more...]

Coastal Catamarans Serve Chinese Littoral Needs

China is introducing designs for catamarans—and even trimarans—that seem destined to serve as the country's littoral combat ships. [Read more...]

Leveraging Technology - The Joint Imperative

The Bottom Line

Three Excellent Reasons to Go on Vacation

Technology is a wonderful way to stay in touch, but it's summer and time to put gadgets away for a bit. Taking paid vacation days benefits not just you and your family but also the economy. [Read more...]

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