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Oct. Luncheon & Panel: Celebrating the Navy Birthday - 10/27/2014
Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, VA [Read More]

Small Business ITES 3 Matchmaking Event - 10/28/2014
Ft. Belvoir Officers Club, Ft. Belvoir, VA [Read More]

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News Briefs

DARPA Seeks Technology to Detect, ID Substances from Great Distances

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) put a call out for technology that can detect and identify from great distances dangerous biological and chemical substances. [Read more...]

Situational Awareness for Border Security

The House Homeland Security Committee chair proposes technology mix for securing the southern border. [Read more...]

Experts Release Tips on Cybersecurity

(ISC)2 is offering a series of tips to educate the public for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. [Read more...]

NATO Fishes for Data with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Multiple autonomous underwater vehicles equipped with modern sensors relevant to NATO minehunting missions were employed at sea during the Multinational AutoNomy Experiment. [Read more...]

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Army Rapid Equipping Force Opening Office in Kuwait

The U.S. Army's Rapid Equipping Force, which quickly fields technologies to meet urgent warfighter needs, intends to open an office in Kuwait that will serve warfighters in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. [Read more...]

Insider Threats Could Rise as Hackers Troll Social Media

The recent rash of cyber attacks on major U.S. companies has drawn renewed focus on network vulnerabilities, both in commercial and governmental sectors, and not just on external attackers but on potentially more ominous threats posed by insiders.
[Read more...]

DISA Successfully Migrates First Round of JRSS Network Upgrades

After much anticipation and preparation, the Defense Information Systems Agency, along with the U.S. Army and Air Force, successfully migrated network traffic through the first of several Joint Regional Security Stacks at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. [Read more...]

This Month in SIGNAL Magazine

Want an inside look at the October issue of SIGNAL Magazine? Watch our preview video for a glimpse of the articles covering Tactical Technologies and Cloud Security and Recovery.

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Awaited Technologies About to Become Reality for Warfighters

The U.S. Army is extending advanced communications to disadvantaged users, fielding a series of capabilities to various groups in an effort to give soldiers at the pointy end of the spear the connectivity they need. [Read more...]

Federal IG Access to Data Overcast by Rush to the Cloud

When cloud computing revolutionized the way businesses stored, processed and transmitted data, the rapid transformation-as with a lot of technological advances-left U.S. government agencies behind the times. [Read more...]

Advanced Protection in a Public Cloud

As organizations migrate more data into public clouds, demands for a different type of security are emerging. [Read more...]

The Bottom Line

STEM Is Our Future

When it comes to STEM, it's time to stop talking and start doing. Action not only requires that more students and future teachers major in STEM fields but also that governments and the private sector put their money where their mouths are by providing financial support to these students. [Read more...]

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