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Belvoir April Luncheon - 04/23/2014
Ft. Belvoir Officers Club, Ft. Belvoir, VA [Read More]

AFCEA Bethesda's Monthly Breakfast - 04/25/2014
Bethesda North Marriott and Conference Center, Bethesda, MD [Read More]

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News Briefs

China Opens First-Ever OpenDaylight Lab in Asia

A China-based company has set up an OpenDaylight Lab in Shenzhen, China, joining an expanding global community effort aimed at creating open sources for companies to further software-defined networking. [Read more...]

Helicopter Remote Piloting System Proves Successful [VIDEO]

The U.S. Navy has successfully demonstrated the Autonomous Aerial Cargo and Utility System, which allows current, full-size helicopters to be controlled remotely by a tablet device. [Read more...]

JIE May Enable Faster Mobile App Deployment

Once the Joint Information Environment is in place, the U.S. Defense Department may be able to deploy secure mobile apps much more quickly than it can with today's cumbersome process, according to Teri Takai, Defense Department chief information officer. [Read more...]

FedRAMP May Replace Defense Department Cloud Classification Process

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program may ultimately eliminate the need for an information security classification process specific to the U.S. Defense Department. [Read more...]

SIGNAL Online Features

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Navy Sea DroneU.S. Navy Fielding Weather-Predicting Sea Drones

U.S. Navy scientists are fielding unmanned underwater drones that when used with mathematical models, satellites and good old-fashioned brainpower, can better analyze the globe's oceans and forecast. Ideally, the technology will predict what the world's waterways will look like as far as 90 days into the future. [Read more...]

Lightening the Workload for Cyber Command

The U.S. military is moving to the Joint Information Environment in part because the current architecture is too complex to be easily defended, Teri Takai, Defense Department chief information officer, said at the Security Through Innovation Summit. [Read more...]

Navy RailgunU.S. Navy to Unveil 'Game-Changing' Lethal Railgun

It has been a decade in the making, and soon the U.S. Navy will demonstrate what Navy leaders have lauded as game-changing technology: its electromagnetic railgun launcher, which can launch a 23-pound projectile at speeds topping Mach 7. [Read more...]

This Month in SIGNAL Magazine

Want an inside look at the April issue of SIGNAL Magazine? Watch our preview video for a glimpse of the articles, covering Marine Corps C4ISR and Open Source Intelligence.

SIGNAL March Preview

The Corps Consolidates Key Capabilities

The U.S. Marine Corps has combined two signals intelligence programs as part of its efforts to drive efficiency and enhance expeditionary operations. [Read more...]

Open Source Intelligence Offers Crystal Ball Capability

Researchers working on behalf of the U.S. intelligence agencies can use reams of open source, anonymous data to foretell social turmoil such as disease outbreaks or international political unrest. [Read more...]

Big Data Tools Cut Through the Fog of War

By merging sensor streams with data tagging and trend detection software, this capability will allow analysts and warfighters to observe, track and potentially predict enemy force operations based on their observed behavior. [Read more...]

The Bottom Line

Age or Environment?

When it comes to technology usage and comfort level, does age or environment play a bigger role in how people adopt the latest and greatest products and processes? [Read more...]

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