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AFCEA DC Spring Military IT Leadership Dinner - 05/28/2015
Army Navy Country Club, Arlington, VA [Read More]

AFCEA Bethesda's Law Enforcement IT Day - 05/28/2015
MD [Read More]

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From the SIGNAL Blog

Good Cyberhygiene Starts With One Word, and a Character, and a Number

The third annual World Password Day serves as a reminder to practice one tenet of good cyberhygiene. Intel Security and partnering companies urge government agencies, consumers and enterprises to double down on efforts to ensure password best practices. [Read more...]

When Contract Protests Emerge, Whose Fault Are They?

Contract protests can be the fault of government, contractors or the process itself. For government, it may be something as simple as lack of understanding on the part of contracting authorities. [Read more...]

NATO Kicks Off Dynamic Mongoose Naval Exercise

NATO has initiated Dynamic Mongoose, this year's biggest antisubmarine warfare exercises in the North Sea, with a focus on detecting and defending against submarines. [Read more...]

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Prototype Proves Valuable in Nepal Earthquake Disaster

The Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response device lived up to its name in Nepal, detecting signs of life that led to the rescue of four men trapped under as much as 10 feet of bricks, mud and other debris following a devastating earthquake. [Read more...]

Size Matters in Development of Next-Generation Satellite Technology

Years ago, commercial satellite providers successfully nudged their way into the military space domain. Some companies are gambling with technological improvements in hopes of retaining a hold on the lucrative market. [Read more...]

GAO: Civilian Federal Agencies Trail Defense Department, Intel in Cybersecurity Efforts

Key challenges continue to plague U.S. federal agencies and contractors in the area of cybersecurity, particularly for civilian agencies that trail the robust cyberdefense efforts of the Defense Department and intelligence community, according to a congressional investigative office. [Read more...]

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This Month in SIGNAL Magazine

Want an inside look at the May issue of SIGNAL Magazine? Watch our preview video for a glimpse of the articles about JIE/defensive cyber operations and dual-use emergency technologies.

April SIGNAL video

Joint Force Headquarters Changes Defense Networking

Cyber as a warfighting domain now is defended by an operational organization.
[Read more...]

Pilots Face Brick Wall-Like Icing Along Equator

A freak weather condition that spoofs sensors and controls may be the cause of airliner disappearances. [Read more...]

When the Law Becomes a Weapon of War

Terrorists, their supporters and other adversarial groups and individuals are finding new and creative ways to use the law against their enemies. [Read more...]

The Bottom Line

From Dolly to Drones

It all began with Dolly, the first animal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell. While technical advances continued to make the news, their effects and the possibilities they created did not reach lawmakers or the legal profession. [Read more...]

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