The WEST 2012 Online Show Daily

America's Military at the Crossroads: What's Out and What's In for 2012 and Beyond



Featured Speakers

  • LtGen George J. Flynn, USMC, Director, J-7, The Joint Staff
  • VADM William E. Gortney, USN, Director, Joint Staff
  • ADM Mike Mullen, USN (Ret.), former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • SFC Leroy Petry, USA, Medal of Honor recipient, in a conversation with David Hartman,  former host of Good Morning America
  • RADM Sean A. Pybus, USN, Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command
  • The Honorable Robert O. Work, Undersecretary of the Navy

Panel Sessions

  • The Navy and the Marine Corps: Hang Together or Hang Separately?
  • The Future of Shipbuilding: What Can the Nation Afford?
  • Warfighters vs. Support: Do We Have the Equation Right?
  • Info at Sea: What Do the Warfighters Need?
  • Info at Sea: How Much Security Can the Sea Services Afford?
  • Junior Warfighters: What Issues Keep Them Awake at Night?
  • China: How Big a Factor Should It Be In DoD Planning?

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"SIGNAL: Reading Loud and Clear."