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"No Stones, But a Novel Battle," (Tadiran & Thomson-CSF) Sept. 2000, p. 69.

"Weather Information Takes World Wide Web by Storm,"Michael A. Robinson, (TASC) June 1999, p. 17

"Marines' Precise Dragon Fire Rains Deadly Steel Against Distant Targets," (TDA) Nov. 1998, p. 27.

"Safeguarding Data Provides Network, Computer Security," (TECSEC) Jan. 1997, p. 37.

"A Web of Satellites Girding Earth To Provide the Ultimate Datalink,"
(Teledesic) Robert K. Ackerman, Mar. 1998, p. 17.

"Federal Server Demands Set Market's Technical Direction," Telos Corp. May 1996, p. 71

"Intelligence Agencies Concoct Virtual Collaboration Benefits," (Telos) Oct. 1997, p. 44.

"Communications Move Into Fast Lane," (TeraGlobal) November 2000, p. 70.

"Dynamic Privatization Ignites Czech Communications Growth,"
(Tesla) Clarence A. Robinson, Jr., Jan. 1999, p. 51.

"International Community Fortifies Information Security," (Thales) August 2001, p. 60.

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Clarence A. Robinson, Jr., \ (Thomson-CSF) Sept. 1996, p. 25.

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(Unisys/Microsoft) Michael A. Robinson, Oct. 2003, p. 69.


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"Emergent Telemedicine Components Deliver Expertise to Front-Line Forces,"
(ViTel Net) July 1999, p. 35.


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(WarRoom) Maryann Lawlor, October 1999, p. 26.

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"Wireless Tracking Technology Locates One Among Thousands,"
Michael A. Robinson, (WhereNet) Mar. 2000, p. 63.





"Sensor Pod Handles Ticklish Flying," (Zeiss) Sept. 2000, p. 40.


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