AFCEA International and its members have a long history of supporting the military community. Bringing people together is a large part of our mission; supporting veterans, troops and their families is undoubtedly our passion. The information contained in these articles is for our current troops, veterans from every conflict and their families. We offer you our sincere gratitude. And to all who have fought for freedom overseas Welcome Home.

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The articles below were published in the November 2011 Veteran Focus supplement to SIGNAL Magazine.

Rita Boland and all of the SIGNAL writers are available to converse with readers using the "add a comment" box at the bottom of each article. We invite readers to ask questions, state opinions, agree/disagree with our writers.

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The sacrifice made by service members, veterans and their families is a debt the nation can never repay. But the efforts that individuals, groups and even children are making to support them speak volumes about the people and values the U.S. military community defends every day.

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