1565 Jefferson Road, Suite 460
Rochester, New York 14623 
(585) 321-5800
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President and Chief Executive Officer:
Lisa Withers
Marketing Manager:
Tim Klimasewski
Federal Government Sales:
Tony DiFlorio
Business Focus:
Spectracom generates, distributes and measures time and frequency signals for synchronizing critical operations in aerospace and defense. For military networks and communications systems, the company improves reliability, security, data accuracy and records management, and network optimization. For testing and research, Spectracom products verify, calibrate and measure the exact performance of devices and systems that use GPS and other signals. Spectracom will work with clients to develop systems for specific requirements.
Products/ Services:
Secure network time servers, Stratum-1 frequency references, GPS master and grandmaster clocks, bus-level timing, frequency analyzers, GPS simulators, microwave path alignment systems, and turnkey systems.
DHS, FAA, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, DOT, DOJ, FCC, NASA, DOE, DOI, DOVA.
Business Categories:
  • Communications Systems
  • Emergency Communications
  • Global Positioning System
  • Instrumentation
  • Microwave Products/Systems
  • Mobile Communications
  • Networking Technologies
  • Record Management
  • Satellite Communications
  • Test and Evaluation Equipment
  • Wireless Communications
Small Business Status:
  • Small Business
NAICS Industry:
  • Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
  • Watch, Clock, and Part Manufacturing