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ESG Elektroniksystem-und Logistik-GmbH
Member Since: 2004 
Livry-Gargan-Str. 6

Telephone: 49 228 252071

ESG Manager, Customer Relations/Liaison Offices, and AFCEA Contact:
Wolfgang Turnwald

Business Focus:
Developing, integrating and operating electronic and IT systems, including command, control, communication, reconnaissance, intelligence and ground information for the military, public authorities and private companies. The work includes logistics services, product and after-sales support (hardware/software), independent technology and process consultancy. Specialized system company with complete responsibility for entire systems in niche areas. Competence center for new information technologies. Technology transfer between markets (military/public/civil). Studies and simulations.

Aviation electronic systems, vetronic systems, IT system 
development/integration, logistics consultancy, material 
management/cooperative logistics, automotive software 
systems, consultancy, training and telecommunication 
networks optimization planning.

German Armed Forces and NATO, public authorities, automobile, aerospace and defense industries, logistics, telecommunications, industrial goods and commercial vehicle companies.

ISO 9001; ISO 27001.

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