Amulet Hotkey Inc.  
11 Hanover Square, 19th floor
New York, New York 10005 
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Chief Operating Officer:
John Beglan
V.P. of Technology:
David Rule
Inside Sales Representative:
Ken Cardona
Business Focus:
Dell and Amulet Hotkey have teamed together to design, sell and support secure remote computing solutions. The DXM Series Remote Blade Workstations stay in compliance with C5ISR. The products fit these essential requirements to maintain the level of lethality that the DOD requires while providing secured information delivery in high-threat conditions. Dell and Amulet Hotkey provide command control remote PC solutions with physical layer separation MLS, remote engineering for CAD/CAM, 911 emergency call centers and more.
Products/ Services:
We have a unique offering that provides the greatest flexibility in hosting options for the blade in 1:1 and 1:Many. The Dell DXM blade workstation was designed for mission critical customers. all about Density and Security! It is five nines of uptime in a box. Put the hard drives in lock down! DUAL and QUAD DVI Portals, Flexible PCoIP Hosting, Dell PowerEdge Remote Blade Workstations, KVM Switch with CAC, MILS Platform Solution, CAD/CAM Remote Engineering Workstation. The Highlights: The Mezz card will support GPU Enhanced Virtualization (Direct/Pass-Thru or Virtual) for VMware, Citrix, and Remote FX. This will enable our customers to provision the host card for 1:1 extension or GPU enhanced virtualization depending on user profile. The GPU cores can be sliced into as many GPU cores as necessary to support the performance demand needed by the user. The existing M1000e Chassis remains the standard across this new generation of blades. We have many used cases to draw from but ultimately when a customer is dealing with Size, Power, or Security constraints these are the ideal customers. We can provide the most flexible hosting platform for both 1:1 workstation extension or 1:many VDI applications. This remains the most powerful flexible hosting solution platform for all use cases.
Command and control, CAD/CAM engineering, air traffic control operations, UAV flight operations, naval vessel operations, advanced weapons systems command, geospatial intelligence, NSA cryptoanalysis, distance learning.
Zero Client Fully Compliant SDIP-27 Level A, B and C. CESG Accreditation.
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  • Aeronautical Engineering Systems
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  • Computer Systems Design Services