Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc.  
901 N. Stuart St.
Arlington, Virginia 37067 
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Chief Executive Officer:
Tim Estes
VP of Special Programs:
Rita Joseph
Sr Dir of Federal Marketing:
John Kostak
Business Focus:
Delivering Trusted Cognitive Computing for a Better World - Digital Reasoning believes that every organization can transform the way it operates by gaining insights into how its employees and customers communicate. We transform data into actionable knowledge, allowing our customers to see people, interactions and things in a way that they¿ve never seen them before. Digital Reasoning has spent over a decade developing and enhancing our analytics platform, Synthesys®, which is designed to understand how humans communicate by analyzing the context, content and relationships within data while semantically revealing what¿s most critical to our clients. By reading information from any data source, resolving what¿s valuable and what¿s not, and by reasoning using a dynamic knowledge base, Digital Reasoning understands human communications, which enables any organization to answer tomorrow¿s questions, today.
Products/ Services:
Our flagship product Synthesys provides a platform for large- scale data analytics. Synthesys takes unstructured, semi- structured and structured information as input and uses entity extraction with strong semantic relationship analysis to generate actionable information. This information (people, places, connections and actions) can then be used to understand and analyze what¿s important and determine what actions need to be taken in order to mitigate the risk or expand an opportunity. Synthesys does not rely upon predefined models to make sense of the data (i.e. exhaustive extraction or ontology-type models). Instead, it derives patterns and relationships from the data itself, saving considerable time and effort by circumventing the need to create new models for every new type of data or analytical problem.
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GSA IT Sched70
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  • Analytic Services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Homeland Security
  • Strategic C2 Systems
  • Tactical C2 Systems
  • Trusted Computer Systems
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