Emerging Leadership Award

The Emerging Leadership Award is given for exceptional service to AFCEA at the local and/or international level. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated continuous leadership in Young AFCEAN activities since winning the Distinguished Young AFCEAN award.
The Emerging Leadership nomination will be graded on the following:
  • How the nominee has grown in their development as a leader in the local Young AFCEAN community
  • Leadership roles the nominee has taken in the local AFCEAN community at-large - outside of the Young AFCEAN community
  • Contributions the nominee made to the International Young AFCEAN community
  • Mentoring provided by the nominee during the award year
  • How the nominee has distinguished themselves as a professional in their community

  • Criteria:
  • Must be a current AFCEA member
  • Must be forty (40) years of age or under as of December 31, 2014
  • Must be a previous Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) winner of at least two years prior
  • Cannot have previously won an Emerging Leadership Award
  • Individual cannot nominate themselves
  • Must be actively mentoring and involved with the Young AFCEANs
  • Must have demonstrated continuous leadership in Young AFCEAN activities since winning the DYA award
  • Nomination must be endorsed by the nominee's AFCEA Regional Vice President (RVP)


    Contact Information:
    Susan Emert
    (703) 631-6191

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    Nomination Form

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    Year of DYA Win:
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    Nominator Name:
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