Small Business Person of the Year - Industry

This award recognizes and honors a small business champion that demonstrates excellence in specific areas of practice. Members of the AFCEA Small Business Committee select the winners. The award will be presented at the annual TechNet Cyber Symposium.

  • Client Service: Shows tangible, acknowledged mission and process improvements within customer space with measurable impact in time, cost and/or resource savings and process improvement. Example: Brought new process to customer space that resulted in significant time savings. It improved data processing and quality five-fold. Data processing time decreased by 20%.
  • Ethics: Insists on the highest ethics in everything he/she does (provide examples).
  • Community and professional outreach: Indicate individual memberships in professional organizations (minimum 2), event participation and/or leadership and the impact shown (social, financial, increased awareness). Example: For past two years, the nominee has been a proud sponsor of Toys for Tots. On the yearly basis, he/she volunteers to distribute toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them, serving more than 500 families.
  • Innovation: Demonstrates tangible results, such as a specific product, service and/or accomplishment, that positively impacted a customer’s mission (savings in time, money or resources and process).
  • Leadership: Demonstrates leadership abilities by fostering growth at his/her organization. Participates or leads in customer-community issues and makes positive contributions in professional development of his/her organization (please list contributions).


Contact Information:
Laura Allen
(703) 631-6187

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