Small Business of the Year

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  • Client Service: Shows tangible and acknowledged mission and process improvements within the customer space with measurable impact (time, cost savings, resources, process improvement). Example: Brought new process to customer space that resulted in significant time savings. It improved data processing and quality five-fold. Data processing time went down by 20%.
  • Training and Innovation: Has a formal training plan or process and can show the number of jobs created. Demonstrates tangible results, such as a specific product, service and/or accomplishment, that positively impacted customer organization. Example: Our company has a formal training plan for each employee. In addition to education, we provide them hands-on training in our virtual lab. Our comprehensive training approach has measurably contributed to our employees and is a huge plus for our customers by bringing agility in innovation. For example, we prototyped a cloud service for customers and provided them with a blueprint prior to embarking on the effort within customer space.
  • Community and professional outreach: Corporate sponsorships (minimum of 2), events hosted and impact on the community (social, financial, increased awareness). Example: For past two years, our company is a proud sponsor of Toys for Tots. On the yearly basis, our employees volunteer to distribute toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them. We have served more than 500 families.
  • Leadership and commitment: Mentoring micro-businesses or individual consultants (number). Example: We have a formal mentoring program. We train and provide resources such as access to contract vehicles and facility clearances to our small business partners.
  • Diversity. Encourage, embrace and continually enlist the support and inclusion of all members of our diverse international community.

Voting will be completed online, and your ballot must be submitted NLT Monday Mar 25, 2019.
Nominees (Select up to 5 choices)
BridgePhase, LLC
Belvoir Chapter
CEdge Software Consultants
Scott-St. Louis Area Chapter
Definitive Logic
Northern Virginia Chapter
Entellect, LLC
Northern Virginia Chapter
FishEye Software, Inc.
Lexington-Concord Chapter
Interloc Solutions, Inc
Belvoir Chapter
Oasys International Corporation
Washington DC Chapter
Bethesda Chapter
Segue Technologies
Dayton-Wright Chapter
Dayton-Wright Chapter
Dayton-Wright Chapter
USmax Corporation
Northern Virginia Chapter
Wakelight Technologies
Hawaii Chapter