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Event Name: Cyber Defense Improvement: Opportunities and Risks for Systems & Data *** Cancelled ***
Event Date: 02/25/2020
Event Time: ---- The conference has been moved to a date to be defined due to COVID19 ---
Event Organizer: Rome Chapter
Description: ---- The conference has been moved to a date to be defined due to COVID19 --- Currently in all environments the attention to Cyber ​​Crime is very high, but organizations are not always ready or face the problems in the most appropriate way. Many of today's security policies focus only on the proactive measures and technical skills needed to prevent cyber attacks, but often do not take into account the need to prepare the workforce for the stress, panic and communication barriers they will face during the event. To provide a contribution to the analysis of these problems, the Rome Chapter of AFCEA and Core Sistemi organized an event to illustrate possible technological solutions which the company, as System Integrator, uses to cope with the dynamism of the attacks. computer. CyberWar Simulation, Breach & Attack Simulation and Data Resiliency, these are the main topics that will be covered during the event. and which will aim not only to prevent cyber attacks but to deepen techniques and approaches to respond promptly to threats. The need to simulate attacks becomes fundamental in order to prepare teams to better manage unexpected events, stress and communication barriers. Cyber ​​War Simulation solutions also have online training modules that security professionals can continuously use to improve their skills and evaluate their knowledge. Challenging the defense stack with the real cyber threat scenario and revealing security gaps becomes critical before cybercriminals do it. A BAS (Breach and Attack Simulation) should be independent and able to validate whether the security stack is functioning properly, understand the organization's availability to current threats, find gaps in controls by mitigating them before attackers present themselves. Today, backup systems have also evolved to improve Cyber ​​Defense, with greater attention to Data Resiliency, systems designed to maximize resilience against multiple and simultaneous error modes, The file system designed specifically with particular attention to the integrity of the data, throughout the life cycle. The algorithms further improve resilience by ensuring the immutability of (encrypted) data, ensuring that data integrity cannot be compromised in the event of a violation or ransomware attack. Core Sistemi as System Integrator uses these three main technological solutions to cope with the dynamism of cyber attacks, helping its interlocutors in the scouting of cutting-edge products and supporting them in optimizing the investments already made
Event Category: Conference
Location: Italy
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