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Event Name: Technologies for Italian Defense Radar Systems
Event Date: 04/28/2022
Event Organizer: Rome Chapter
Description: Radar, in its continuous technological evolution and in the diversity of its uses, continues to be a fundamental element both in the civil and military field, in all operational environments: air, naval, land and space. Obviously, the systems must evolve taking into account on one hand the evolution of scenarios and operational needs and on the other hand the available technologies while pushing research to maintain an indispensable technological supremacy. The Rome Chapter of AFCEA International has decided to organize a new event on the evolution of radar systems in the national context in order to focus on some important developments in the design of new radar systems and in the improvement of existing ones; developments related both to the technological evolution and to the new operational scenarios that require an increasingly favorable cost-effectiveness ratio and a greater attention to the concepts of scalability, adaptability to different platforms and environments. All aspects of technological evolution will be analyzed, such as the digitization of the various subsystems to increase the target discovery capabilities, TBM and, by extension, BMD functions, the optimal management of the e.m. spectrum, the ability to resist noise and cyber attacks, via network and over the air, the SST/SSA capabilities for the surveillance of outer space. As an element of absolute importance should also be considered the ability to neutralize the counterpart radars (jammers) and the possible integration with radar systems. The event will be attended by Italian Defence and industrial representatives.
Event Category: Conference
Location: Italy
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