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Event Name: Supply Chain Security: Cyber and Beyond
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Event Date: 07/16/2019
Event Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Event Organizer: Wichita-Air Capital Chapter
Event Sponsor: Wichita State University Hub For Cyber Security
Description: The supply chains that power the US economy are under systemic attack by those who wish to create crisis, steal intellectual property, damage critical infrastructure, and disrupt our way of life. Manufacturers are increasingly being targeted by rival industry, foreign nations, and cyber- criminals to steal engineering research, design specifications, and assembly processes, to gain a competitive advantage and/or eliminate investment in research and development. Especially vulnerable are companies supporting our nation¿s defense industrial base. The integrated systems we rely upon to manufacture aircraft, build submarines, and design new weapon platforms to protect our country are at risk from threat actors who exploit the connectivity of our global distribution systems to steal intellectual property, allowing nation states to modernize their economies, advance their military capabilities, and weaken U.S. global influence. The technology used in our highly dependent supply chains have advanced to the point that a poorly designed system can create a security weakness that compromises the capability and functionality of the entire supply chain. Consider: Manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government, and transportation are the 5 most cyber-attacked sectors Supply chain attacks have increased 78% in 2018 More than 90% of successful breaches stem from email The average cost of a data breach is more than $7.5 million It takes on average 190 days before a breach is detected Whether your organization is a Tier 1 supplier for government contracts, or a small subcontractor, new cyber security provisions, such as NIST SP 800-171, can have a major impact on your bottom line. ... but the future of your company may be at risk ... Regardless of your business type, this workshop will help demystify cyber security and provide critical details that will help you create a road-map to secure your organization.
Event Subject: Supply Chain Cyber Security
Event Speaker: Jeffrey L. Westeman, CSCP
Event Category: Conference
Location: Wichita State University, College of Engineering Partnership 2 Building, 1st Floor Conference Room
Wichita, KS
Event Contact: Jeffrey L. Westeman
Event Contact Phone: 316.209.5333
Event Contact E-Mail:
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