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Event Name: Technology Over Bagels with Cognilytica
Event Date: 11/12/2019
Event Time: Networking starts 7:30 AM, Presentation from 8:00-9:00 AM
Event Organizer: Central Maryland Chapter
Event Sponsor: Tensley Consulting
Description: About Technology Over Bagels:
TOB is a free monthly technical presentation that takes place on the second Tuesday of every month (excluding July and August). Bagels and coffee are available starting at 7:30, and the presentation runs from 8:00-9:00. Typical audience size is 40+. Speakers and attendees range from highly niche technical on-site engineers, consultants, company owners, and business development. TOB is run by Central Maryland's Young AFCEANs, and AFCEA membership is NOT necessary in order to attend.
Event Speaker: Kathleen Walch, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst at Cognilytica
Ronald Schmelzer, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst at Cognilytica
There are many ways in which AI is being applied ż from chatbots, image recognition, autonomous vehicles, speech and text applications, and many more. Despite all these different applications, Cognilytica has observed that there are only seven different patterns in which AI is being implemented. AI Projects generally use one or more of these patterns to accomplish their objectives. In this talk Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer will explain the seven patterns, and how they relate to successful implementation of AI projects. The patterns explained are Hypersonalization, Autonomous Systems, Predictive Analytics & Decision Support, Conversational /Human Interaction, Patterns & Anomalies, Recognition, and Goal-Driven Systems. All AI projects or implementations utilize one or more of these patterns as part of the solution. Each pattern is implemented with its own machine learning / cognitive process. Weżll explain how to identify which patterns are being used in a project, and how to utilize best practices methodologies to implement those patterns with the greatest degree of success.
Weżll go over what each pattern is, questions your organization needs to answer to make sure youżre correctly using the pattern, and provide example use cases for how these patterns are implemented at organizations. Weżll also discuss the CPMAI Methodology, which is the industry best practice for AI Projects and how it relates to implementation of the seven patterns.
In this talk you'll learn:
● The seven AI implementation patterns
● The right questions you need to answer before starting an AI project
● How to identity which pattern(s) to use to solve your particular problem
● How methodologies fit into implementation of the seven patterns
Event Category: Breakfast
Location: Praxis Engineering
Annapolis Junction, MD
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