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Event Name: SIGNAL Webinar: Advances in Software Defined Radio and RF Channel Emulation for Defense Radio Systems
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Event Date: 10/24/2019
Event Time: 11 AM ET
Event Organizer: AFCEA
Description: Advances inspired by 5G are making their way into the design and testing of military communications systems. From Massive MIMO and beamforming to mmWave and high-bandwidth channels, new RF technologies can be applied to secure communications, electronic countermeasures, mesh networks, ground-to-air and tactical endpoints. This webinar will share trends in the commercial wireless space and how SDR has been used to prototype, test and deploy critical capabilities; as well as recent developments in RF Channel Emulation for simulating RF fading, noise, reflections, doppler motion and hostile signals in the lab.
Event Subject: Software Defined Radio, RF
Event Category: Webinar
Location: Web
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