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Event Name: The use of Modeling and Simulation for the challenges of the Third Millennium
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Event Date: 10/17/2019
Event Organizer: Rome Chapter
Event Sponsor: GMSpazio
Description: AFCEA Chapter of Rome and GMSpazio organize a seminar on the challenging theme of new technologies for weapon systems. In this way we intend to give visibility and attract the attention of the public on issues related to the newest weapon systems (Laser, EM Impulses, Hypersonic, etc,), in order to offer an overview of the different application fields of technical and commercial interest and for research activities. GMSpazio therefore proposes to provide an overview of some high- tech topics for which the company, as a producer of software solutions based on top technology in the various application sectors, intends to provide a series of in-depth analyzes on specific issues such as: - Missile Defense (GMDT - Definition of threats, defenses and performance analysis). - Space Situational Awareness (GOST - Collision Avoidance and optimization of maneuvers). - Space Surveillance & Tracking (GSTT - Planning and management of measurements, tracking, management of public and private spatial catalogs, Collision Avoidance and planning of maneuvers). - Advanced Radar Analysis (Competition - Mission Planning and Probability of Detection). - Electronic Warfare (BMC2 scenarios). - Space Defense (The new frontier of the Armed Forces in space).
Event Category: Conference
Location: Viale dell'UniversitÓ 20
Rome, Italy
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