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Event Name: OPEN SOURCE: relevant aspects in the institutional use and corporate contexts
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Event Date: 11/14/2019
Event Time: 09:30 - 13:30
Event Organizer: Rome Chapter
Description: Document editors, spreadsheets, databases, operating systems, specialized applications, HTML browsers and active pages and more: over the years the development of SW tools for the mentioned applications has been profitable and has led to the emergence of both proprietary technologies and technical and commercial reasons have gained vast portions of the market, both alternative tools, according to different but equally interesting paradigms, mainly based on the availability of the associated source code most of the times to a gratuitousness of the SW itself. This has produced considerable interest from large public and private organizations that have seen the possibility of containing purchase and operating/maintenance costs and in-house management (always at the expense of a dedicated organizational unit) facilitated by the availability of the source code. The range of offers in this field is very wide and has led to some confusion in the use of terms associated with Open Source: Free, Open Standard, Open Data. In reality the choice requires an in-depth reflection on the part of the users to analyze their operational requirements and aspects such as: the degree of compatibility with the de jure and de facto standards most established in the market starting from single successful applications; the availability of an adequate number of qualified operators for the management of evolutionary and corrective maintenance; compliance with the criteria of cyber security both for the application code and for the intrinsic security criteria of the architectural structure. Furthermore, in the evaluation of costs/benefits, it is then necessary to take into due consideration the legal and industrial property aspects linked to the use licenses and not least the level and skills of the organization's staff. On the other hand, if there were resources and skills available, it is obvious that the availability of an application's source code, and above all the free re-distribution, facilitates the reuse of solutions of common interest, as hoped by the public administration, potentially triggering a virtuous circle of updating/evolution of the solution itself. Finally, these general considerations must be considered case by case depending on the application context: an operating system rather than a database, an office system or a specialized application do not have the same criticality and above all have proprietary alternatives and Open of different quality and solidity. As a tradition of the AFCEA Chapter of Rome, the conference aims to share the experiences of stakeholders both in the institutional field and in the industrial field to the common factor of the members and of the entire audience.
Event Subject: Open Source, vulnerability, open data, Document editors, spreadsheets, databases, operating systems,
Event Category: Conference
Location: Viale dell'UniversitÓ 20 - Casa dell'Aviatore
Rome, Italy
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