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Event Name: Why Are We Not a Maritime Nation? Why Should We Be!
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Event Date: 01/04/2021
Event Time: 20:00
Event Organizer: Turkiye Chapter
Description: The strategic importance of the seas was emphasized with the words "Whoever Dominates the Seas Will Dominate the World" attributed to Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, an important name of Turkish naval history. In this speech, explanations will be made about the importance of the sea and to be maritime nation in terms of economical, strategical and national security. Views on the historical development and important events of naval activities in Turks, possibilities ¿to be a maritime nation¿ and deficiencies we have today will be explained. Reasons "Why should be a maritime nation" and the steps to be taken will also be defined.
Event Subject: Maritime Nation
Event Speaker: RAdm. Dr. Ergun MENGI
Event Category: Webinar
Location: Web
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