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Event Name: Technology over Bagels with VMWare
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Event Date: 01/26/2021
Event Time: 8:00-9:00AM
Event Organizer: Central Maryland Chapter

Kubernetes is a great platform and has become the de- facto standard for containerized software development. But if we're serving the three-star Michelin meal of modern software development, Kubernetes is just the table. Where's the food? Where's the menu? How do we know the ingredients are fresh?

That's everything else. We're here to talk about some of "Everything Else".

We'll start with a quick note on how you can make Kubernetes easy with ClusterAPI, then launch into what you can do with it. We'll show what a defensible app delivery pipeline looks like from code commit to scanning and automatic container image building (with no Dockerfile!). Bonus points - everything we do can be successfully built on an air-gapped network.

In short, we're going to demystify app delivery on Kubernetes. Bring your questions, bring your opinions!

Speaker: Drew Malone, Sr. Solutions Engineer - VMware
Drew started his career in the Intelligence Community, where he cut his teeth on infrastructure automation. Since then, he's been making a living out of making the machines do the work for him so he can work on more interesting things (ask him about the time he made a machine hunt for elastic IPs). You can find his technical notes, in order of decreasing excellence, at

Event Category: Webinar
Event Theme: Modern Software Development on Kubernetes
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