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Event Name: AFCEA Seminar "A data-driven criminal justice chain"
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Event Date: 11/26/2021
Event Time: 11:00 - 15:00 CET
Event Organizer: The Hague Chapter
Event Sponsor: Dutch Police
Description: A lot is going on in the IT domain at the National Police. This quickly involves large projects that are not running optimally, but there are now also positive reports to report. For example, hard work is being done on the replacement of a number of large registration Legacy systems, whereby it can be reported that the first modules have been delivered. In this context, the Innovative Registration Program (PVR) focuses on the Operational Police Platform (OPP), as a launching pad for nationally harmonized operational work processes. Clear registration and reliable and secure information exchange in the criminal justice chain are central to this. The challenge is to convince chain partners of the benefits of a coordinated development process based on a target architecture. In addition to formal registration processes, there are increasingly new data flows from 'social media' and from 'sensing devices', which lead to large and complex data files being created. FAIR Data makes it possible to make such files securely available to all chain partners, so that the exchange of data is guaranteed in a safe and reliable manner. Use is made of 'data visiting' instead of 'data sharing', which means that distribution and duplication is not necessary, with many relevant advantages of course.
Event Subject: data, Ministry of Justice, National Police, Military Police
Event Speaker: 1. Chain automation in the criminal justice chain, Some essentials, Wim Broer, Police Commissioner (ret), Chairman IPEEK Foundation 2. The Operational Police Platform (OPP) as a launching base for national registration operational work processes and data exchange: Police Commissioner Richard Vriesde 3. The Potential of Dynamic Case Management, Daniel Meier, Salesforce / Mulesoft 4. Linked Data and FAIR Data as architectural conditions, Arie Hakemulder, Ambassador GO-FAIR Foundation 5. Scenarios as carriers of Knowledge Graphs, Prof. dr. Peter de Kock, Tilburg University and Pandora Intelligence
Event Category: Conference
Event Theme: Into new ways of networking within the criminal Justice chain
Location: Politie Academy gebouw de Yp Katschiplaan 10
2496 ZN Den Haag The Netherlands, Netherlands
Event Contact: Ad Koolen
Event Contact Phone: +31681612488
Event Contact E-Mail:
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