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Event Name: TechNet International 2022
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Event Date: 05/17/2022 - 05/18/2022
Event Organizer: Unassigned - AFCEA Europe
Description: In the changing environment of big powers competition, the defence and security of NATO and EU member states rely more than ever on gaining and maintaining a technological advantage. Equipping warfighters with the best solutions is critical for maintaining this advantage and for securing peace in these volatile times. This two- day conference and exhibition features the newest technologies and solutions in a wide range of IT-related areas of interest for the defence and public security community. Coming together again in Brussels is vital in order to re-connect with all of the Belgium-based organisations.
Event Subject: Cyber Security, C4ISR, Data Analytics, Cloud Services, Emerging Technologies, Edge Computing, Mobile
Event Speaker: REAR ADM. JÜRGEN EHLE, Senior Military Advisor, Managing Director for CSDP and Crisis Response - European External Action Service (EEAS) MR. NIKOLAOS LOUTAS, Head Data Policy Unit, Emerging Security Challenges Division - NATO MR. VINCENT RIFIC,I Director Defence Europe, Middle East, Africa and India - Hexagon MR. MATT MANDRGOC, Head of Public Sector - Zoom DR. PETER BAUMANN, Professor and CEO - rasdaman GmbH LT. COL. RENE HEISE, Emerging Security Challenges Division - NATO HQ T. COL. (RET.) MICHAEL CAMPBELL, President and General Manager - Privoro Government Solutions, LLC MR. STEFAN HEFTER, Partner - KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft MR. MARK BARRETT, Chief Commercial Officer - BLU WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY LTD MR. JOSH EASON, Senior DevSecOps Engineer - Anchore MR. AARON FANSLER, CEO - FrontLine Cyber Solutions Corporation MR. JAMES HICKEY, Director of Sales Engineering Europe - Cofense Ltd MR. JAMES PETERSEN, Senior DevSecOps Engineer - Anchore MR. PHILLIP BRIDGHAM, Principal Investigator - Northrop Grumman MR. AARON ORCHARD, DoD Senior Solutions Engineer - Recorded Future MR. MICHAEL EPLEY, Chief Architect and Security Strategist - Red Hat DR. CHRISTOPH ERDMANN, Managing Director - Secusmart GmbH MR. BERNIE KLOETZEL, Principal Architect AT&T Public Service Solutions - AT&T LT. GEN (RET.) SUSAN S. LAWRENCE, President and CEO - AFCEA International MR. JEAN-FRANÇOIS RIPOCHE, Director for Research, Technology and Innovation - European Defense Agency MAJ. GEN. (RET.) ERICH STAUDACHER, General Manager - AFCEA Europe
Event Category: Conference and Expo
Event Theme: Peering into the Crystal Ball - New Trends in Defence and Security IT
Location: BluePoint Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
Event Contact: Mandy Rizzo
Event Contact Phone: +32 476633187
Event Contact E-Mail:
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