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Event Name: Can You Trust Your Artificial Intelligence? Data Validation for Intrinsic Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation
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Event Date: 01/12/2022
Event Time: 1145
Event Organizer: Silicon Valley Chapter
Description: Cybersecurity is anything to do with digital risk. It is not exclusive to protecting systems from hackers and enemy bad actors. In terms of Artificial Intelligence and decision algorithms, two main cyber threats need to be mitigated: 1. External Risk: This is what we think of when we hear cybersecurity. Hackers and bad actors are manipulating our systems. 2. Intrinsic Risk: This is what we think of a lot less when discussing cyber security. This includes flawed engineering, legacy equipment, insufficient data, and what happens once external risk mitigation fails. Although it may be counterintuitive, the number one risk to deployed Artificial Intelligence systems is NOT bad actors and hackers, but the data the system depends on.
Event Subject: #artificial intelligence, #cybersecurity, #risk
Event Speaker: Gustavo Sanchez is the co-founder of Pandata Tech, which helps companies and federal organizations answer the critical question, "which data from my sensors can I trust to make critical decisions in daily operations and during unforeseen events?" Gustavo received an MBA from Hult International Business School and a BA in Economics and Business from Lafayette College.
Event Category: Conference
Location: Web
Event Contact: Joy Montgomery
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