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Event Name: Lexington-Concord Chapter Monthly Webinar
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Event Date: 03/23/2022
Event Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm eastern time
Event Organizer: Lexington-Concord Chapter
Description: The Neuroscience of Inclusion helps leaders develop inclusive leadership skills. This seminar explores how our brain, body, bias, and emotions, impact our behaviors and cognition, including our thinking, judging and decision making. Fostering inclusive leadership skills is important to creating climates where employees stay engaged, satisfied, and feel a sense of belonging in the organization. The objectives of the seminar are to: Build awareness about how our brain, bias and emotions influence our thoughts and behaviors Learn to recognize the drivers of social experience, and how to maximize reward and minimize threat responses Apply tools and techniques to manage bias and emotions in our judgement and decision-making processes Explore strategies to foster positive climates and psychological safety on your teams and in your organizations
Event Speaker: Dr. Asma Abuzaakouk, Industrial Organizational Psychologist, MITRE
Event Category: Webinar
Event Theme: The Neuroscience of Inclusion
Location: Web
Event Contact: Marissa McCoy
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