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Event Name: UK West Chapter Monthly Meeting: Col Mark Cornell
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Event Date: 04/05/2022
Event Time: 18:30
Event Organizer: UK West Chapter
Description: Army Digital Services (ADS) is refining and implementing its digital transformation but many challenges and hurdles remain. Some people might think that its all about the technology and what that will deliver but that is only a part of the story. Few would argue that team empowerment is not a critical ingredient in successful delivery of software applications at scale. Nurturing that empowerment must surely be a deliberate activity that needs to resonate not just within the team itself but right throughout the organisation. Achieving this in the right balance, especially against a backdrop of inertia, is ultimately a product of culture and leadership. This talk will provide a perspective from ADS on: - the importance of culture and leadership in setting the conditions for successful empowerment and hence delivery - the need to challenge legacy mindsets which act as a barrier to transformation - exploiting success as catalyst for growth at scale
Event Subject: Challenges of implementing digital transformation
Event Speaker: Colonel Mark Cornell: Assistant Head of Army Digital Services
Event Category: Meeting
Event Theme: Culture and Leadership in Software Development: The drive towards empowered teams
Location: Hub8 Brewery Quarter
CHELTENHAM, United Kingdom
Event Contact: Matt Treadwell
Event Contact Phone: +44 20 7097 2244
Event Contact E-Mail:
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