April 2022   
Join the Emerging Leaders in the 3rd Annual APG Monument to Monument Run to Honor 5K.      
  KMC Chapter Executive Meeting    
  MacDill Tech Expo    
  NO EVENT    
  New Horizons 2022
  TechNet Fort Bragg (Symposium; Exposition; Data; Mission Command; AI; Cyber; Cloud; Machine Learning; The Edge)  
  UK West Chapter Monthly Meeting: Col Mark Cornell (Challenges of implementing digital transformation)    
   TechNet Cyber 2022 Webinar Series: Drive Force Readiness Through Innovation (presented by SIGNAL Media)   
   EL Organised Meeting   
   Importance of Consortiums in Defense Industry   
   The 73rd Delaware Valley Science Fairs (DVSF)    
    Membership Networking Event  
 TechNet Indo-Pacific (defense, military, asia pacific, indo pacific, joint)   
 Capture-The-Flag (CTF) Cyber Challenge     
 TechNet Indo Pacific (TIP2021) (Expo, Conference, AFCEA, AFCEA International, AFCEA Hawaii, STEM, Waikiki, )   
  SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PESA: PESA SECURA VDS - The Secure Eyes and Ears of Command and Control, C5ISR and JADC2 Applications (CEU Approved)    
  AFCEA CMD Technology over Bagels with NVIDIA    
  Joint Operations from the Sea (CJOS) Centre of Excellence (COE)    
  Micro Mentoring Series    
  OKC-Chapter Luncheon    
  Women of AFCEA April 2022 Luncheon    
  ¿Middle/High School Capture the Flag (CTF) Cyber Challenge¿ hosted by Parsons    
   TechNet Cyber 2022 Webinar Series: Leverage Data as the Center of Gravity (presented by SIGNAL Media)   
   AFCEA CMD Emerging Leaders April Social   
   TechNet Indo-Pacific 2021 (rescheduled) 
    SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Viasat: How 5G is Enabling the Next Revolution in Tactical Edge Communications  
    AFCEA NOVA April Monthly Luncheon  
    April BOD Meeting  
    Inaugural Chapter Meeting and Launch of Upcoming Annual Speaker Series  
      Trip to Camp Toccoa Museum (Student Chapter Toccoa Museum "Band of Brothers")
 Korea TechNet/LandWarNet/Signal Week 2023 (TechNet/LandWarNet Korea 2023; )   
  SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by RedSeal: Zero Trust: Take Your Cybersecurity Back to the Future (CEU Approved)    
  Women In NOVA (WIN) Lunch Event (Hybrid)    
  Zero Trust: Take Your Cybersecurity Back to the Future    
   AFCEA DC Cyber Mission Summit   
   Central Florida Chapter - April Luncheon   
   Dayton-Wright AFCEA Emerging Leaders Speaker & Networking Event    
   Fachveranstaltung Polizei (Kommunikation, Spezialkräfte)   
   Pensacola Chapter General Membership Luncheon   
    AFCEA Small Business Procurement Series: Services MAC (Small Business, Procurement, Acquisition)  
    Securing the Future with Emerging Technologies ( The tactical cloud Global interoperability Predictive analysis Autonomy Unmanned vehicles Sensor )  
    AFCEA Belvoir Chapter April Luncheon  
    AFCEA Bethesda April Webinar: Data as an Asset in the Age of Zero Trust   
    AFCEA CMD Monthly Luncheon - April  
    AFCEA CMD WIA WIIG in a Minute  
    Dayton-Wright AFCEA Luncheon   
  TechNet Cyber (cyber, defense, military, Joint, DoD, Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC, Homeland Security, Coast Guard)  
  Augusta Lunch & Learn    
   AFCEA CMD TechNet Cyber Networking Event   
   AFCEA Indiana Chapter - April Lunch and Learn   
   AFCEA Las Vegas Tech and Cyber Expo - Creech   
   APG Advanced Planning Brief to Industry No Host Social    
   Central Florida Chapter - Emerging Leaders Event   
    AFCEA Bethesda Emerging Leaders Summit  
    AFCEA Las Vegas Tech and Cyber Expo - Nellis AFB  
    April Chapter Luncheon (Fellowship, Luncheon, GOC, AFCEA, Technology Presentation)  
    Barksdale Tech Expo 2022 (Tech Expo)  
    Technologies for Italian Defense Radar Systems  
    What Keeps You Up At Night Part 3  
     AFCEA Belvoir Chapter Spring Golf Outing 
     AFCEA Las Vegas Cyber Capture the Flag 
      AFCEA CMD 5K and Fun Run
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