Emerging Professionals In Intelligence Committee Application


To be considered, a candidate must:

  • Be the age of 40 or under

  • Be a citizen of the United States

  • Possess an active TOP SECRET clearance with SI/TK accesses

  • Participate in monthly two-hour meetings, generally held on the first Tuesday of each month from 4-6pm at AFCEA International headquarters in Fairfax, VA

  • Be a member of AFCEA International. (Note: You need not be an AFCEA member to become a candidate for membership on the AFCEA Intelligence Committee, but if elected you would be required to join the Association either on an individual basis ($50 per year) or through a corporate membership.)

  • Additionally, please note if you would be interested in any of the follow subcommittees:

    SPEAKERS SUBCOMMITTEE: The Speakers Subcommittee will solicit input from the Committee to identify speakers for committee meetings, and will manage and coordinate invitations and attendance of speakers for the EPIC meeting. The Speakers Subcommittee will also introduce each speaker.

    NETWORKING SUBCOMMITTEE: The Networking Subcommittee is responsible for identifying, driving awareness, managing, and coordinating EPIC attendance in networking and social events; including AFCEA events, agency industry days, and IC related events.

    OUTREACH SUBCOMMITTEE: The Outreach Subcommittee will coordinate committee efforts of giving back to the intelligence community. These efforts can span any number of different areas (non-profit activities, collaboration with the Intel Committee, whitepapers, trade studies, participation in AFCEA conferences) and will be based upon the input and interest of the committee.

    COMMUNICATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE: The Communications Subcommittee will 1) foster communication and information sharing within the EPIC, with EPIC alumni, and also with the Intel Committee; and 2) drive external awareness of the EPIC through various medium (including, but not limited to, the AFCEA website, SIGNAL Magazine, other industry publications/events, a collaborative EPIC online community, etc.). The Communications Subcommittee will also record meeting minutes in the event the Secretary is absent.

    MEMBERSHIP SUBCOMMITTEE: The Membership Subcommittee responsibilities include managing/administering the new membership solicitation and election process, maintaining meeting attendance records, and the orientation of new members.


    Contact Information:
    Tyler Erney
    (703) 631-6210
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    We are not currently accepting committee applications.