Homeland Security Committee Application


An AFCEA Homeland Security Committee member: • Desires to serve the homeland security community and help strengthen the profession. • Commits time and energy in support of Committee activities. • Participates in monthly meetings, generally held at AFCEA International headquarters in Fairfax, VA. • Helps develop strategy and implementation plans for AFCEA homeland and global security programs and outreach. • Helps develop and execute AFCEA homeland security events. • Serves for a fixed term three years and may be reelected for a second three-year term. • Serves as a volunteer and is not compensated financially.


The Homeland Security Committee holds membership elections to fill vacancies annually. The nomination period for consideration is 1 May to 15 June. To be considered for membership, a candidate must: a.) Be a nongovernment employee (does not work for any federal, state or local agency). b.) Maintain an active membership (individual or corporate) with AFCEA International. c.) Commit to serve a three year term under the guidelines of the committee charter and participate on selected subcommittees.

Selection Criteria:

Candidates are selected on the basis of personal qualifications that are focused in the area of homeland security, not because of company affiliation.


Contact Information:
Ben Smith
(703) 631-6126
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We are not currently accepting committee applications.