Small Business Committee Application


The AFCEA Small Business Committee is a volunteer group made up of AFCEA industry members (large and small size companies) and government representatives. The committee helps shape the association's small business benefits, and it also provides an active focal point for the coordination of all AFCEA's small business programs. The Small Business Committee's purpose is to enhance AFCEA's outreach to the small business community and cultivate partnerships among government, industry, and academic leaders.


Potential Committee members must:
  • Have relevant experience within the small business community
  • Be a corporate member associate of AFCEA
  • Have the availability and commitment for sustained participation in committee activities. This includes attending monthly meetings (in person or virtual); participating on at least one subcommittee; and sponsoring, attending and/or volunteering at AFCEA Small Business events.

Selection Criteria:

The committee will review candidate applications for new member selection. Selection to the committee is based on involvement with AFCEA, relevant experience in the small business community, and commitment to being a strong contributor to the AFCEA Small Business Committee. Nominations will be accepted through August 25, 2017. Applicants should expect to receive word on their acceptance by September 21, 2017.

Contact Information:
Katie Helwig
(703) 631-6170
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If possible, please list a current Committee member who could be used as a reference for your application
* Regular Committee attendance is an important requirement. Are you willing and able to attend monthly meetings and participate in committee efforts?