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The AFCEA Small Business Committee is a diverse group of volunteers made up of AFCEA industry members and government representatives who are ready to serve AFCEA members. The committee helps shape the association's small business benefits, and it also provides an active focal point for the coordination of the association’s small business programs. The Small Business Committee's purpose is to enhance AFCEA's outreach to the small business community; grow company memberships, and cultivate partnerships among government, industry and academic leaders, investing time and resources for such endeavors.


Potential committee members must:

• For industry: Be employed by a company that is an AFCEA member

• For active government: Be an individual AFCEA member

• Be a government or industry stakeholder in the small business community

• Be willing to engage throughout a 3-year tenure

Committee meetings are scheduled monthly. Typically, it is held the 2nd Thursday of the month from 3 to 5 p.m. at AFCEA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.

Engagement includes attending monthly meetings (in person or virtually); participating on at least one subcommittee; and sponsoring, attending and/or volunteering at AFCEA Small Business events. Represent AFCEA as a brand ambassador for speaking engagements, government focus groups, events and media.

Selection Criteria:

The committee reviews candidate applications to create a diverse thought leader base which represents small, medium and large companies whose GOVCON experience range from novice to expert. The selection committee evaluates a candidate’s current involvement with AFCEA, relevant experience in the small business community and a demonstrated commitment to contribute time, talents and resources to AFCEA Small Business members.

Contact Information:
Elizabeth Moon
(703) 631-6152
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We are not currently accepting committee applications.