Technology Committee Application


An AFCEA Technology Committee member:
  • Strengthens AFCEA's outreach to the IT communities: government, industry, academia, and scientific
  • Cultivates partnerships and fosters dialogue and solutions across the IT spectrum (computers, networks, systems and applications, new and legacy technologies, etc.)
  • Participates in monthly meetings, generally held at AFCEA International headquarters in Fairfax, VA
  • Helps develops strategies and outreach programs that benefit government and non-government IT organizations
  • Helps develop and execute AFCEA International IT events such as the Solutions Series
  • Encourages relevant connections with other AFCEA committees, capabilities, and events
  • Serves for a fixed term of three years and may be reelected
  • Serves as a volunteer and is not compensated financially


To be considered for membership, an applicant must:
  • Be directly involved with work and/or knowledge in IT technologies, policies, oversight and acquisition processes, operations, systems, applications, products, and services and/or research as applied to providing management and IT solutions to government and/or private/non-profit sector organizations.
  • Be a member of AFCEA International. (Note: An applicant need not be an AFCEA member to apply for membership on the AFCEA International Technology Committee. However, if selected, the new Committee member must become a member of AFCEA International either on an individual basis ($50 per year) or through a corporate or non-profit organization membership.)

Selection Criteria:

Candidates are selected on the basis of personal qualifications and not because of company or organizational affiliation, although the committee does seek to achieve an appropriate balance of organizational representation. Once selected for Committee membership, an individual holds a personal seat and not a company seat. Candidates are assessed on their current and/or past involvement in the IT community and their interest in being a strong contributor to the AFCEA International Technology Committee. Members are expected to contribute to committee activities and initiatives. Level of participation will be evaluated on a regular basis and non-participating members may be asked to relinquish their seat if they are no longer able/willing to serve.

Contact Information:
Jim Griggs
(703) 631-6204
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Application Form

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