Parks: No Distinct Cyberspace Command

August 21, 2008
By Henry Kenyon

The dream of a separate and distinct cyberspace command is not going to happen, because cyberspace is an arena in which everyone operates. This was the declaration of the director, U.S. Army Information Operations (USAIOP) and U.S. Army Computer Network Operation-Electronic Warfare Proponents (USAEWP), Combined Arms Command, Fort Leavenworth. Col. Wayne A. Parks, USA, told a track presentation audience yesterday that all aspects of the force use cyberspace, so it is not so much a specific discipline as a theater of operations.

"We have operations in cyberspace, not cyberspace operations," he stated.

Col. Parks added that cyberspace cannot be separated from electronic warfare, as adversaries are using all of the electromagnetic spectrum to access networks. The wired and wireless worlds now are similar.

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