Operation Support Our Troops

December 29, 2008
By Henry Kenyon

Like so many troop support organizations, Operation Support Our Troops grew out of a family's effort to be there for their soldier as well as all others serving their country, and when these people got started, there was no stopping them. What began with rallies has grown to a full-fledged support mechanism that involves the provision of packages at holidays, fundraisers, and visits and supplies for those injured in combat as well as tributes to those who paid the ultimate price for home and country. The mission of Operation Support Our Troops is to offer opportunities for all Americans to demonstrate to members of the armed forces and their commander in chief that they are supported and appreciated for their service. According to the organization, the goal is to ensure that troops know that "united we stand and divided we fall are not empty words, but words to which we subscribe."

Most recently, Operation Support Our Troops adopted 10,000 deployed service members and sent them packages for Christmas. The organization collects items for these types of mailings. In addition, it also accepts cash donations and sells merchandise to raise funds for various efforts. Items can be purchased and donations can be made online. Also online are photo albums and links to various resources for the military and general public.

Anyone interested in receiving regular information about the organization and its activities can subscribe to the e-mail distribution list by following the "OSOT Sign-Up" link. People interested in learning more about Operation Support Our Troops and its various programs should click the "Contact OSOT" link and find the correct point of contact for their query.

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